ERR007 Manifold Head Up Error

1. Usual root causes

An issue prevents the manifold from moving correctly into the wells.

2. First aid

View the wash program and check whether the selected plate definition file corresponds to the plate in use.

  •  If the correct file is selected, edit the plate definition file and make sure there is enough distance between the edge of the well and the aspiration needles.
  •  If the incorrect file is selected, select the correct file or create a new one.

3. Typical solution

If the issue cannot be resolved, contact Tecan® to schedule an onsite intervention or to send the instrument for in-house repair.

4. Further recommendations

You can avoid this error by allowing enough tolerance between the aspiration needles and the edge of the wells during plate definition.

5. Next steps

• Note your instrument serial number.
• If the instrument is controlled by HydroControl™, save the log files.
• Create a service request and include the serial number and log files.
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