ERR011 Lid open !

1. Usual root causes
The ambient light detected inside the Infinite® 200 PRO is too high at the beginning of a luminescence measurement with i-control™ or Magellan™.

2. First aid
• Check that the plate transport and the lid of the filter slide close completely during measurement.
• Ensure that the instrument is not be exposed to direct sunlight or very bright light.
• Check for liquid spills on the plate carrier and measurement area. Wipe away any spills with the instrument powered off.
• Run lower sample concentrations to see if it improves the situation. A very high signal intensity can trigger this error message.

3. Typical solution
If the issue cannot be resolved, contact Tecan to schedule an onsite intervention or to send the instrument for in-house repair.

4. Next steps
• Note the instrument serial number.
• Download and save all log files.
• Create a service request and include the serial number and log files.

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