ERR021 PC System Error

1. Usual root causes

An issue prevents the instrument from communicating with the process control option.

2. First aid

• Make sure your instrument is correctly configured:

  • Review the label on the back side of the instrument to see which options are installed.
  • If the label does not include the process control option, open the “Settings” menu and “Options” submenu using the onboard display and disable process control.

3. Typical solution

If the issue cannot be resolved, contact Tecan® to schedule an onsite intervention or to send the instrument for in-house repair.

4. Further recommendations

This error can be avoided by using the correct instrument configuration.

5. Next steps

• Note your instrument serial number.
• If the instrument is controlled by HydroControl™, save the log files.
• Create a service request and include the serial number and log files.

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