"ERR042: Invalid program step" when trying to open manage programs

1. Usual root causes

When opening “Manage programs” within HydroControl™, an issue causes an invalid program step in a wash program.

2. First aid

• Review the error message that appears to determine which program contains the invalid program step.
• Disconnect the instrument from HydroControl™. Then view the program using the onboard display and write down the program settings.
• Delete the program using the display.
• Reconnect the instrument with HydroControl™ and open “Manage programs” to verify that the issue has been resolved.
• Create the program again using the editor and download the new version onto the instrument.

3. Typical solution

If the issue cannot be resolved, contact Tecan® to schedule an onsite intervention or to send the instrument for in-house repair.

4. Next steps

• Note your instrument serial number.
• If the instrument is controlled by HydroControl™, save the log files.
• Create a service request and include the serial number and log files.

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