File conversion to Magellan™ Tracker format

Description of how Magellan Standard files can be converted into Magellan Tracker format


This article describes how to convert Magellan standard files into Magellan Tracker format to be used in Magellan Tracker Software.

Magellan Standard files have to be converted before being accessible in Magellan Tracker. This generates a new Audit Trail and adds the # with counter 1 to the filename.


Open the Miscellaneous Menu on the Wizard page:


Then choose File Handling:


Select Convert from...


Select the correct tab for the Magellan file version to be converted (1)

Select the type of the file (Sample ID List, Method,…..) (2)

Do not copy the files to be converted into the destination folder. Copy files in a folder easy to remember and choose the according Source path (3).

Select the files to be converted (4)

Click Convert Document(s) button (5)


The conversion is successful if the popup message tells so:


Please note: In order to convert files, Magellan must be connected to that reader, which has been used to generate the according files – e.g. if one wants to convert Infinite® 200 PRO files, Magellan must be connected to an Infinite 200 PRO instrument (connection in simulation mode is sufficient).


Magellan files with identical type (Standard/Standard or Tracker/Tracker) and version can be copied directly into the destination folders. Magellan files are upwards compatible.

Also, Magellan Tracker files can be copied directly to Magellan Standard destination folders.


Further help:

For further help, please refer to our Tecan Helpdesk.

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