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How many plates can I dispense at the same time?

Maximum number of plates per protocol


If your protocol uses only DMSO-based fluids, the recommended maximum number of plates is 32, although the software does not impose a limit. You can use the Simulation Mode to test the maximum number of plates possible for your protocol. If the Simulation Mode can handle the programmed number of plates, then the instrument will be able to process the same number in operation.

If a water-based fluid is defined in your protocol, the maximum number of plates that the D300e will dispense is 8x 96 wells, 4x 384 wells, or 1x 1,536 wells. This limit is due to the risk of sample evaporation on the Dispensehead during long dispensing protocols.


2. Further information

You can find further information about what can be dispensed with the D300e in the ‘Dispensing software user guide’, which can be accessed from the D300eControl software through File > Documentation > Dispensing Software User Guide > Appendix E.


3. Further help

For further help, please refer to our Helpdesk.

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