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Description of data export into Excel or in ASCII format



This article describes how a data export into Excel or in ASCII format is defined in Magellan.

Export settings need to be defined in the method definition via the ‘Create/edit a method’ wizard.


1. How to set up a data export

First, the data sets for export must be chosen in the menu Data handling\Data export:


Data for exporting can be selected simply with drag and drop or by clicking the data in the Available data window and then the arrow pointing towards the Selected data window. Data can be deselected by operating the reverse procedure.

Export options can be defined in the dialog box which you can see below:


Also, the settings for Export to ASCII file can be defined:


The dialog box for the settings for Excel export is shown below:



2. Data export can be performed at several points:
  • Automatically, in the Create a Method Wizard, under Automatic data handling

    If one of the export settings above is activated, an automated export will be performed every time the method is run. In case an export to ASCII is performed, an ASCII file with the same name as the corresponding wsp-file is saved in the previously selected directory.
    If an automated export to Excel is chosen, Excel is opened after the measurement is finished and the data is pasted into Excel. There is no automatic data save, therefore the user must manually save the Excel file.
  • Manually, in the ‘Evaluate results wizard’:
    In the File menu an export can be performed.



Further help:

For further help, please refer to our Tecan Helpdesk.

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