How to use the Snapshot tool in FluentControl™

The FluentControl™ installation includes a Snapshot tool, which helps the system operator collect all relevant files in case they are needed for troubleshooting (e.g., software error).

Note: The best time to take the Snapshot is directly after the error has occurred while the error message is still on the screen.

- The Snapshot tool can be started directly from the Windows® Start menu.Sanpshot_1

- In the first window, select the data to collect and define a logging time range.
- Ensure that the defined logging range covers the time the error occurred (e.g., during the last three hours).


- In most cases, the default selection is sufficient. Additional data can be added as needed, for example:

- Add Sample Tracking LogFiles for sample tracking-related issues
- Add Journal Files to collect method recovery data for issues related to recovery
- Add Dump Files to collect the FluentControl™ memory in case of software crash or freeze

- Click “Create” to create the Snapshot; the files will be automatically collected.
- Once the process is finished, a dialog appears showing the directory where the files were stored (see red arrow in the screenshot below).
- The files are zipped, and the archive is labeled with the date and time.



Next steps in case of further questions:

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- Create a service request.


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