Sending instruments to Tecan® for recalibration/service/repair

1. Usual root causes

A Tecan instrument needs to be sent for in-house repair, annual recalibration, preventive maintenance, or any other service.

2. Typical solution

• Download the latest Certificate of Decontamination and fill it out properly - please contact your Local Helpdesk, to receive the latest form.

• Contact your local Tecan® Helpdesk Service Team to announce your intention and send over the completed Certificate of Decontamination.

Make sure to also inform the Helpdesk if you are referring to any existing sales order or pricing information. Also let them know if you need a quote or not.

Please note: In case you decline pricing information and agree to any kind of service, this automatically constitutes a verbal commitment to which you are legally bound under our general terms and conditions.

Current contact details can be found on our webpage:


• The Tecan® Helpdesk Service Team provides you with a Return Material Authorization note.

• Package your instrument and send it to the address on the Return Material

Authorization note.
Please note: Always attach an additional copy of your completed Certificate of Decontamination to the outside of the packaging, along with the Return Material Authorization note!

• As soon as your item arrives at the dedicated service site, it takes 3–4 working weeks to finish the service. In case of a delay, you will be informed by the local Tecan Helpdesk Service Team. You can always check on the ETA by sending a request to local Tecan Helpdesk Service Team with the serial number of the instrument.