Where do I find my SUID/HUID/license number in Magellan™/Magellan Pro™?

Helpful information to register Magellan™.

1. Usual root causes
Three numbers are involved in the licensing process of Magellan:
- The serial number of the software (SUID), which can come in two forms:

SUID Version
12D-xxx-xxx-xxxx Magellan STANDARD - V 7.0 and higher
12W-xxx-xxx-xxxx Magellan TRACKER - V 7.0 and higher

- The hardware unit identification number (HUID)
- The license number

2. Typical solution
The SUID is delivered with the purchased software printed on the inside of the Magellan™ binder or on the packaging.

The license number can be obtained by sending the registration form for your copy of Magellan™ to your local Tecan® Helpdesk.

The HUID number is generated by the software and is inserted into the registration form automatically. It is related to a Windows®-given system drive number. All files created and saved on the specific computer used are linked to this special HUID.

3. Further recommendations
If you need to work with Magellan™ Tracker files that were created on another computer, the HUID of this other computer must be accepted.

To view the list of accepted HUID numbers, click the “Miscellaneous” icon in the Wizard List start page, then “Options” and then the “Miscellaneous” tab. Click “Add HUID” to display a dialog box with the HUID numbers of other computers.

4. Next steps
If you have lost the SUID of your copy of Magellan™, please contact your local Tecan® Helpdesk with the original PO.

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