How to change the filters for the F200 PRO, including FP filters

This article describes the filter types available for the Infinite® F200 PRO. Our video tutorial shows you how to correctly change a filter. You can find more detailed information also about Fluorescence Polarization filters in the article below.

Please note: Newly mounted filters must be defined in the software, see also How to define filter slides in i-control™.



About the filters

Fluorescence filters
The optical filters (bandpass style) in a filter slide are specially designed for fluorescence measurements. The spectral rejection and the bandwidth of the fluorescence filters are optimized for achieving excellent sensitivity.
Contact Tecan® for filters other than those supplied on the delivered filter slides.

Absorbance filters
Bandpass filters, which are commonly used in microplate readers for absorbance measurements, usually have a bandwidth of 10 nm. Therefore, it is not recommended to use fluorescence filters for absorbance measurements because the bandwidth (FWHM) is usually larger than 10 nm. This could cause a bright value error or low OD values when measuring dyes with narrow peaks.

Filter slide and filter orientation

Filter slide
The Infinite F configurations filter slide consists of an excitation and an emission part. The filter slide enables the user to work with four independent excitation/emission filter pairs, which can be defined on positions 1 to 4. The information about the inserted filters is saved on the integrated microchip.

Filter types
For filters with an arrow on the side, light must travel in the direction of the arrow:
For filters without an arrow on the side, the end of the filter with the metal lip must face away from the light source:


Position of polarization filters

The Infinite F Plex filter slide can be equipped with a maximum of two different fluorescence polarization filter pairs as each fluorescence polarization measurement requires two identical excitation and emission filters, which are placed together with the polarizers either on position 1 and 2 or 3 and 4.
When installing a new filter, use the filter assembly tool included in the accessories case. Use the soft tweezers (plastic) to install the polarizers.

Removing a filter

Align the filter assembly tool with the notch of the stop-ring. Turn the tool and remove the stop-ring by pulling it out of the filter slot.
The filter will slide out of the filter slot when the filter carrier is turned over. Do not use the filter assembly tool to remove filters.

Installing a filter

A new filter (and polarizer) must be inserted into the slide as shown below.


Installing a custom filter

If required, carefully insert a polarizer at the excitation and emission half of the filter slide using tweezers, taking care not to scratch it or get fingerprints on it.

Carefully insert the filter into the opening, taking care not to scratch or get fingerprints on the filter.

Place the stop-ring on the end of the filter assembly tool and turn it so it cannot slip off.

Using the filter assembly tool, push the stop-ring into the filter slot and press firmly into place.
Rotate the tool until the notch in the stop-ring is aligned with the end of the filter assembly tool and remove the tool.

If there are unused openings remaining after the required filters have been inserted (e.g., the emission part of an absorbance filter), mount filter dummies in the holes that are still open.

Defining the filters

Further help

For further help, please refer to our Helpdesk.

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