User Management (UMS) in Magellan (Pro) ™ Tracker/SparkControl Magellan™ Tracker

Description of User Management in Magellan Tracker


This article describes User Management in Magellan Tracker.

The User Management can be accessed via the Miscellaneous Menu and User administration:


After installing Magellan, at least one (User-) administrator must be generated.

There are 4 predefined Roles available:

  1. Administrator – has access to User Administration and no access to Magellan Software i.e. add new users, change rights of existing user roles,……
  2. Magellan_Administrator – has unlimited access to Magellan Software
  3. Magellan_Application_Specialist – for rights in detail refer to Magellan Manual
  4. Magellan_Operator - for rights in detail refer to Magellan Manual


Additional roles can be defined, and rights of predefined roles can be modified:


User Administrators can add new Users by clicking the ‘Add User’ button:


Each user is defined via his Full User Name, his Full name and his password. Users can‘t be deleted but de-activated only.

Each user must be assigned to a certain user role(s):


In the Options setting Login, Password and E-Mail settings can be defined:


Login and Password settings are independent from the operating system:


Unauthorized logins can be sent via an email to the administrator:


The User management audit trail can be accessed in the User administration via the ‘Audit trail’ button:

Refer also to article: Audit Trails in Magellan (Pro) ™ Tracker/SparkControl Magellan™ Tracker.

There is a ‘Summary’ button available, which lists all current settings in the user administration including users, according rights and roles.


To make a backup of the user management the following file can be copied to a backup directory:


This file is to be found under C:\ProgramData\Tecan\Tecan User Management\v1.1

The User management system (UMS) incorporated into Magellan is also incorporated into other Tecan Software packages – e.g. FluentControl, EvoWare. If more UMS versions are installed on the PC, the newest version is used always.


Further help:

For further help, please refer to our Tecan Helpdesk.

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