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Large molecule bioanalysis simplified

Thermo Fisher Scientific is helping to drive biotherapeutic research with the development of innovative sample processing tools designed to simplify and accelerate analytical workflows. Offering automation-friendly affinity purification for proteins and antibodies, this provides a robust solution for high throughput preclinical research and development.

Safety in extremes

German company ILS designs and builds custom chemical R&D testing units, primarily for customers in the petrochemical industry, integrating robotic components and reaction chambers into glove box set-ups that can withstand temperatures of 400 oC and conditions up to 100 times atmospheric pressure.

Hands-free SPE method development in under two hours

US-based PhenoLogix is offering a new paradigm in SPE method development for CROs and diagnostic labs. Combining the Freedom EVO® SPE workstation with the Phenomenex Strata™-X 96-Well SPE Method Development Plates, this approach reduces development time from six to seven days to under two hours.

A very short history of cancer research funding

In his book The Emperor of All Maladies, Siddhartha Mukherjee tells the story of one of the turning points in the history of cancer medicine. A turning point that he dates to May 1947.

Sias joins Tecan Partnering

Sias – a leading OEM supplier of laboratory automation solutions – has joined the Tecan Group, adding complementary new platforms, capabilities and expertise to customers of Tecan Partnering. A dedicated OEM supplier, Sias is committed to the highest quality standards and building close relationships with its customers to ensure projects are delivered in the shortest possible time.

Empower your research with the Spark® 20M multimode reader

The new Spark 20M multimode microplate reader* offers tailor-made solutions to suit virtually any drug discovery or advanced life science research application. This freely configurable system gives researchers access to new techniques and features intended to enhance and streamline biochemical and cell-based workflows.

New Fluent® features increase speed and flexibility

Spend more time doing the things that matter thanks to new Fluent laboratory automation solution* features designed to provide more streamlined and robust walkaway processing**. These latest additions further extend the flexibility of Fluent, maximizing productivity and ensuring a precise match for your laboratory’s automation needs.

Step-by-step automation

Antibody discovery and development company MorphoSys has a wealth of experience in designing novel assays for the screening and characterization of therapeutic antibodies. With active programs in oncology, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, the company’s Discovery, Alliances and TechnologiesDepartment relies on a variety of automated solutions to provide the throughput necessary to support its pipeline.

Sensitive to light

The University of Salzburg’s Laboratory of Photodynamic Inactivation is exploring potential roles of photosensitizing agents in human health. With possible applications in areas as diverse as food decontamination and therapeutics, the lab is using a variety of photoactive compounds to generate reactive oxygen species which can kill key microbial pathogens or cancerous cells.

Fungal detection accelerated

Chinese IVD company Dynamiker has developed a range of rapid diagnostic kits to help address the rising problem of invasive fungal diseases in hospitals. Offering results in under two hours, these colorimetric and ELISA assays are designed to address the problems associated with traditional diagnostic techniques – poor sensitivity and slow turnaround times – allowing earlier implementation of antifungal treatments for better patient outcomes.

Faster food testing

The Institute for Product Quality, based in Berlin, has grown into a service laboratory that provides virtually any and every test required by the food market, from microbiology to pesticide testing. Using its expertise in food analytics and kit development, and with new, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in the Berlin-Adlershof science park, ifp provides testing services and kits to the industry and public alike.

Darting from plate to plate

Dart NeuroScience specializes in the development of novel therapeutics targeting neurological disorders, with an emphasis on impairment of cognitive functions such as memory.

Liquid biopsies made easy

VolitionRx is using ist proprietary Nucleosomics® technology platform to develop a range of diagnostic assays for cancer and other conditions, creating non-invasive tests that identify disease-specific nucleosome signatures circulating in the blood.

Ramping up NGS in oncology: is sequencing tumor DNA enough?

Massively parallel sequencing has rapidly become a must-have tool of the trade in molecular biology and drug discovery research. In recent years, the cost of next generation sequencing (NGS) has declined exponentially, while throughput, accuracy and read lengths have soared, and multiple regulatory-compliant sequencing technologies have now achieved commercial success. Advances in NGS – combined with global efforts to identify and catalog genetic mutations in a range of cancer types and tumors, as well as to implement these discoveries in diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic applications – are driving the adoption and, in the not-too-distant future, even routine use of sequencing and related techniques in clinical laboratories.

Tecan’s D300e offers fast liquid transfer down to picoliter levels

Tecan has introduced the D300e Digital Dispenser* for applications that need faster, reliable dispensing down to picoliter volumes. This innovative, simple-to-use device is ideal for the creation of assay plates, and can cut set up times from hours or days to just minutes. Users can choose between dispensing aqueous solutions in combination with a surfactant – for the investigation of proteins, antibodies, enzymes and nucleic acids – and DMSO, for small molecule studies, offering greater flexibility for life sciences workflows.

Walkaway batch processing for the Spark™ 10M

The Spark 10M multimode reader can now be combined with the Connect™ microplate stacker to offer semi-automated batch processing of up to 50 assay plates. A newly developed software interface allows seamless operation of the Connect stacker through the reader’s SparkControl™ software, helping to streamline your laboratory workflow for greater productivity.

Providing diagnostic solutions for Alzheimer’s disease

AIBL International, the latest addition to the Tecan Group, offers a range of microplate-based immunoassays to help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, a devastating condition that significantly impacts the lives of both sufferers and their families. Early diagnosis is essential for implementation of appropriate treatment and support mechanisms, enabling patients to live as independently as possible.

World-first automation for influenza surveillance

Researchers at the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory have completely automated an influenza hemagglutination inhibition assay on a Freedom EVO® workstation using the newly developed FluHema™ module from SciRobotics. It is the first laboratory in the world to achieve this, now running and analyzing up to 128 microplates daily with far better flexibility, reproducibility and overall assay performance.

Pouring oil on troubled waters

Tecan’s Infinite® M1000 PRO multimode reader has helped Aqsens to develop a portable testing platform for on-site quantitative monitoring of polymeric scale inhibitors in oil field-produced waters.

A helping hand for vitamin testing

A Freedom EVO® workstation is proving key to the provision of high quality vitamin testing services at the Medical Laboratories of the Reinier de Graaf Hospital. This versatile solution has enabled full automation of the majority of sample preparation workflows for LC analysis of vitamins, generating major time and cost savings, and meeting the laboratory’s increasing throughput demands.

Nanoliter liquid transfers aid search for new antibiotics

Researchers at Germany's University of Konstanz have established a fluorescence-based method for screening small molecules to identify potential antimicrobial agents. Using the Freedom EVO® workstation’s MultiChannel Arm™ 384, the University’s Screening Center has developed an innovative technique allowing reliable liquid transfers down to 80 nanoliters.

High throughput cell separation – a model for upscaling

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has automated protocols for high throughput separation of cells for therapeutic applications on a Freedom EVO® 200 liquid handling platform. The process maintains cell viability and is more rapid and reproducible than manual methods, enabling processing of 96 samples in four hours.

Automating NGS protocols for a wide range of sample types

PTP’s Genomics Platform has automated all the steps from DNA/RNA extraction to the preparation of sequencing pools. Using three Freedom EVO® platforms, comprehensive automated workflows ensure high quality data and complete sample traceability, with a daily throughput of up to 288 genomic DNA samples.

Simplicity by design

Genera Biosystems has been testing a HydroSpeed™ plate washer with its Sirocco™ multiplexed diagnostics automation platform, allowing rapid, efficient washing of its proprietary AmpaSand™ beads for high retention rates and accurate results.

An important piece of the HIV puzzle

The Irkutsk Regional AIDS Center is taking advantage of the flexibility and ease of use of an Infinite® 200 PRO multimode reader to help monitor HIV patients. Combining luminescence- and absorbance-based assays with a range of other diagnostic tests, the Center is able to accurately assess the immune status of its patients.

Cavro® Disposable Tips launched for OEM customers

Tecan has created a range of Cavro Disposable Tips for use with the Company’s popular Cavro brand OEM components.

HP D300 now offers aqueous liquid dispensing

The popular HP D300 Digital Dispenser now allows customers to titrate low volumes of biomolecules in aqueous solutions, offering greater flexibility for drug discovery workflows.

NGS library preparation at the touch of a button

Tecan has launched the Freedom EVO® NGS workstation to simplify NGS sample preparation and PCR set-up. Offering user-friendly, walkaway automation of library preparation at the touch of a button, it eliminates the need for extensive manual processing.

New Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solution for compound management

Tecan will soon be launching a new Fluent Laboratory Automation Solution designed to offer greater throughput and flexibility for compound management workflows.

Ignite the productivity of your lab with the Spark™ 10M reader

The new Spark 10M multimode microplate reader is designed to offer greater flexibility and increased productivity for cell biology and genomics customers. From microbiology research and cell-based assays to rapid DNA quantification, the all-new platform delivers a combination of advanced capabilities and exceptional ease of use to simplify your daily work.

Freedom to evolve

Researchers at the Complutense University of Madrid are using directed evolution techniques to develop new enzymes for a variety of bioprocessing applications.

A simple(x) approach to bioprocessing

UCL’s Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering is harnessing the flexible automation capabilities of its Freedom EVO® workstations to explore novel bioprocessing applications, with a focus on the production of ‘next generation’ medicines including protein-derived therapeutics, vaccines and cells for therapy.

Stressing the importance of quality assays

The Department of Psychology at TU Dresden is taking advantage of the quality and reproducibility of various IBL International immunoassays – including the Cortisol Saliva Luminescence Immunoassay – to investigate the link between steroid hormones and stress.

Developing the fuels of the future

Extended periods of walkaway operation are essential to the work carried out by Spanish energy producer Repsol, which relies on two Freedom EVO® platforms and Tecan’s 350 μl nested liquid handling disposable tips for its research into alternative energy sources.

Driving oncology drug development forward

The HP D300 Digital Dispenser has enabled Translational Drug Development in the USA to automate its workflows, increasing sample throughput and the number of cell line panels handled, as well as enhancing workflow efficiency.

Genomics solutions for marine biology

A Freedom EVO® platform is helping scientists at Italy’s Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, one of the world’s top marine biology and ecology research institutions, to provide a range of automated genomics services for marine biologists.

Back-to-back success for bioanalytics

Novartis’ Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) Biologics Division, based in Basel, Switzerland, has developed a flexible, fully automated workflow for blood serum sample preparation and ELISA processing by combining two Freedom EVO® 150 workstations.

Streamlining medical genetics with the aid of automation

With an ever-increasing workload, Germany’s Munich Leukemia Laboratory has automated its cytogenetics protocols on five Freedom EVO® workstations, enabling leaner, standardized, more efficient processing and minimizing the potential for human error.

Automated PBMC isolation for biobanking

Since its inception in 2008, IBBL has been a biobanking pioneer, developing a high quality repository of samples to support biomedical research into a variety of diseases.

Perfect chemistry

Italy’s Reparto Investigazioni Scientifiche has invested in an HID EVOlution™ to aid analysis of DNA from crime scene samples, providing the process security that is essential in any forensic science laboratory.

Fluent™ – behind the scenes

The launch of the latest Fluent laboratory automation solution has brought the advantages of this application-oriented platform to a host of new users, offering walkaway compound management and assay plate generation to complement the existing end-to-end automation of cell-based and biochemical assay protocols.

Spark™ 10M already lighting up research

Since its launch at SLAS 2015 in February, the park 10M has gained interest from across the life sciences community, with researchers around the world beginning to explore the advanced capabilities of this exciting new system for applications including DNA quantification, microbiology research and cell-based assays.

Human genetics – mapping the future of medicine

Human genetics and drug discovery are now inextricably linked, with large pharmaceutical companies, small biotech and even academic laboratories turning to sequencing data to identify potential targets for new therapies. But is this information being used to the best effect? And does genetic testing have a role to play in helping today's patients as well as tomorrow’s? Dr Pierre-Alain Menoud, Scientific Manager for Molecular Diagnostics at Unilabs in Lausanne, Switzerland, discusses the potential benefits of genetic testing for both the understanding and treatment of disease.

Accelerating results from bench to bedside

The direct digital dispensing capabilities of the HP D300 are helping to identify potential new treatments for acute lymphoblastic leukemia at University Children’s Hospital Zurich. By enabling picoliter drug volumes to be dispensed straight into cell-based assay plates, the system is helping researchers to rapidly test novel drug combinations directly in patient-derived leukemia cells.

A personal touch for wine microbiology

The Wine Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology Laboratory at the University of Adelaide has developed a customized solution offering fully automated sampling for yeast fermentations.Based on a Freedom EVO® 200 platform, this system frees researchers from the need to manually aliquot samples day and night for up to three weeks.

Seeing the light

An Infinite® M200 PRO reader is helping Californian company Sevident to establish rapid, sensitive immunofluorescence and colorimetric assays based on its proprietary NETs technology.

Designer proteins

Researchers at the University of Montreal have benefitted from Tecan’s collaboration with SciRobotics to automate DNA assembly protocols for synthetic biology. Combining a Freedom EVO® 200 with a Pickolo™ Colony-Picker and various other components, the Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology Research Unit has built a streamlined cloning workflow with increased throughput and reliability.

Off-the-shelf NGS library prep for Ion Torrent™ sequencing

The Leiden University Medical Center has integrated the Freedom EVO® NGS workstation into its molecular diagnostic testing and clinical research workflows. Taking advantage of this preconfigured solution, the center was quickly able to commission the platform for routine testing, while still having the flexibility to develop new protocols and conduct research studies.

Fingerprinting food

Surveillant provides rapid and reliable screening methods to help food and beverage manufacturers monitor their products and raw materials. Using an Infinite® M1000 PRO, the company has developed a simple, low cost method of ‘fingerprinting’ products based on their intrinsic fluorescence, providing a rapid screening technique to help detect counterfeit or adulterated foodstuffs.

A new kind of biobanking

University Hospital Regensburg has taken advantage of the open architecture of the Freedom EVO® workstation, creating a seamless connection between its routine diagnostics and biobanking activities. Working in partnership with the hospital’s Institute for Laboratory Medicine and Transfusion Medicine and diagnostic instruments provider, the Tecan Integration Group has developed a bespoke solution which offers fully automated preparation of samples for both biobanking and offline secondary testing.

Automating the development of aptamer-based biological tools

The Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie is investigating a variety of innovative aptamer-based applications, and depends on two Freedom EVO® platforms for reliable automation of its selection and production processes.

Automation helps enhance diagnostics protocols

The Molecular Biology Department at Colombia’s Laboratorio Clinico Medico Colcan is using a Freedom EVO® 150 liquid handling platform to automate its nucleic acid extraction and real-time PCR protocols, offering increased flexibility and helping to improve sample throughput.

Cavro® ADP a hit with Chinese in vitro diagnostic customers

Chinese company DaAn Gene has integrated the Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) into its new generation of molecular diagnostic instruments, bringing the advantages of Tecan’s liquid pipetting expertise to blood banks and infectious disease laboratories in China.

Explore virtual components with the new Tecan Cavro® app

Customers can now explore the Tecan Cavro range of liquid handling components on the go, with the launch of the Tecan Cavro Components app. This straightforward, web-based application – available for PCs or iPads® – combines the existing Cavro Omni Robot Configurator with interactive 3D models of key products from the Tecan Cavro range.

Novel ELISA offers improved diagnosis for myasthenia gravis

IBL International’s MuSk-Ab ELISA is proving invaluable for the diagnosis and monitoring of ‘seronegative’ myasthenia gravis (MG). This test is the world’s first commercially available, non-radioactive assay for the detection of auto-antibodies against the muscle-specific receptor tyrosine kinase (MuSK), and is helping to improve diagnostic confidence and aid clinical management of these patients.

Tecan @ AACC 2015

The clinical community enjoyed another successful AACC exhibition, giving delegates from around the world the opportunity to learn about the latest developments for clinical research and diagnostics.

Automation aids nationwide surveillance system for virus outbreaks

The Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) in Seoul, Korea, conducts research to identify the etiology of communicable diseases and to find effective control, prevention, diagnosis and treatment for them.

GeT with the NGS program

The GeT genomics facility near Toulouse has been developing a series of automated NGS protocols in collaboration with Tecan – including Illumina’s TruSeq® DNA and RNA kits, as well as Bioo Scientific’s NEXTflex™ PCR-Free Modules – on two Freedom EVO® workstations, helping to improve throughput and reliability for a wide range of projects.

Discovering more with less

Global biopharma company UCB has increased the throughput of its antibody purification pipeline, using a flexible Freedom EVO® workstation to miniaturize its chromatography applications. As a result, the Company is able to investigate far more parameters in a fraction of the time, while consuming significantly less material.

Cyanobacteria see the light

Scientists at Berlin’s Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau have established a screening platform for phototrophic organisms on a Freedom EVO® 200 liquid handling platform equipped with an Infinite® M200 PRO microplate reader

Looking out for the environment

Monitoring the effects of environmental pollutants on live organisms is now much faster thanks to a technique developed by researchers in France, who are using an Infinite® F200 PRO microplate reader to screen aquatic model organisms.

Biology meets engineering

The High Throughput Omics Platform is an advanced microbial cultivation and sampling system designed to accelerate the development of novel biotechnology applications. Created as a collaboration between LISBP and the Tecan Integration Group, this unique system is being harnessed to investigate potential biofuels, biomaterials and biochemicals.

Transforming therapeutic drug monitoring for transplant patients

A Freedom EVO® 150 is being used to full effect by scientists and doctors at the University Hospital of Padova in Italy, preparing samples for LC-MSMS to monitor immunosuppressant drugs in transplant patients.

Automating clinical cytogenetics

The Necker Hospital for Sick Children has automated its comparative genomic hybridization workflow on a Freedom EVO® workstation, increasing throughput more than 10-fold while significantly improving reproducibility and process security.

Shorter turnaround times for genetic testing

Ambry Genetics in California is taking advantage of the increased throughput, reliability and reproducibility of laboratory automation, using Freedom EVO® workstations to streamline its genetic testing workflows for cancers, cystic fibrosis and numerous inherited diseases.

Reliability diagnosing cattle diseases

A Freedom EVO® 150 workstation is providing the Central Diagnostic Laboratory at SAC Consulting with reproducible and reliable ELISA-based screening for Johne’s disease and other bacterial and viral pathogens in cattle. The system has increased the laboratory’s throughput by three-fold compared to manual processing, to an average of 1,000 samples a day.

A complete solution for ELISA processing

MLM Medical Labs is taking advantage of the Freedom EVOlyzer® workstation’s optimized ELISA processing to help meet the complex laboratory support needs of clinical trials, increasing throughput and improving process security.

Enhancing NGS sample preparation with automation

The University of North Carolina (UNC) has automated its major sample preparation protocols for next generation sequencing on a Freedom EVO® workstation, enabling more efficient processing.

Tecan UK customers gather at historic Hinxton Hall

The Tecan UK User Meeting 2013 provided the perfect opportunity for members of the automation community to network with other users, discussing a wide array of applications.

Dako Omnis helping to accelerate cancer diagnostics

The Dako Omnis platform – developed and manufactured by Tecan – offers complete automation of both immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) protocols.

Around the clock monitoring with CNS

Tecan’s Common Notification System (CNS) is now available for the Infinite® PRO series of microplate readers, allowing users to remotely monitor the status of any Infinite reader using Magellan™ software (v7.2).

Fluent™ – the new laboratory automation solution

Fluent is a unique automation concept built around the application-specific needs of laboratories, delivering more capacity and increased speed. Initially focusing on the complete automation of cell-based and biochemical assay workflows, Fluent brings together all the modules and devices required for automation of these assays in a single efficient and easy-to-use platform.

A RECIPE for success

Tecan and RECIPE have worked together to automate ClinMass® LC-MSMS Complete Kits* for the analysis of vitamin D and immunosuppressants on a Freedom EVO® platform, entering into a co-marketing agreement to help meet the demand for high throughput sample preparation for mass spectrometry.

Imagination knows no boundaries

AstraZeneca scientists engaged in surface plasmon resonance studies are reaping the benefits of a recently acquired HP D300 Digital Dispenser, saving time, enhancing consistency and using significantly less compound for dose-response experiments.

An antioxidant assay for the real world

Researchers at CIRAD have developed a simple antioxidant assay allowing direct measurement of the antioxidant capacity of food samples. Based on UV absorption, this rapid technique is being performed on an Infinite M1000® PRO.

Fit for King’s

Tecan’s AC Extraction Plate™ and Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform have enabled scientists at King’s College Hospital to fully automate the analysis of clozapine and norclozapine in plasma, saving time and increasing sample throughput.

Making transfusion even safer with blood genotyping

AXO Science has established a Freedom EVO®-based high throughput blood genotyping system, helping to meet the needs of blood banks and transfusion centers around the world.

Easy PCR set-up with TouchTools™ PCR Wizard

Researchers at ISPRA have been trialing the TouchTools PCR Wizard for the Freedom EVO® PCR workstation to simplify complex genetic testing workflows. This software enables rapid selection and walkaway set-up of pre-PCR protocols suitable for a wide range of downstream analytical techniques.

Feeding the Russian biotech market

Russia has been a fast-growing region for biotechnology and life sciences in recent years, with food and agriculture being key focus areas. Here is a snapshot from laboratories looking at the contrasting roles of microbiology in food production, both employing Tecan equipment in their workflows.

Confidence in drug discovery

Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solution is providing exceptional flexibility for small moleculescreening at IME ScreeningPort in Hamburg, Germany. This groundbreaking system offersstraightforward automation of complex assays, enabling both in vitro and cell-based assays tobe performed on a single, compact instrument.

Educating tomorrow’s scientists

Tecan Austria’s long-term collaboration with the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences has resulted in a national prize for Bachelor student Doris Rieder from the Austrian Society for Biomedical Scientists, and takes another step in the right direction with a project aimed at school children, teaching them about a healthy lifestyle.

IBL International joins the Tecan family

IBL International – a leading provider of microplate-based immunoassays – has recently become part of the Tecan Group. Offering one of the widest ranges of specialty diagnostic assays for use in research and clinical laboratories, IBL International is a perfect strategic fit with Tecan’s long tradition of serving the clinical market with advanced laboratory automation instruments optimized for immunoassay processing.

Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solution tours European exhibitions

Tecan has been showcasing the recently launched Fluent Laboratory Automation Solution at exhibitions across Europe, giving scientists the opportunity to see firsthand how this innovative system could help to streamline their workflows and take the complexity out of cell biology research.

Go configure! Receive a customized quote fast!

Customers can now plan and create over 100 different designs of Cavro® Omni Robot using Tecan’s new online graphical Cavro Omni Robot Configurator.

Tecan and Promega offer real-time cytotoxicity analysis

Tecan has worked with promega to demonstrate the suitability of the Infinite® 200 PRO and HP D300 Digital Dispenser for real-time kinetic investigation of cytotoxicity using Promega’s CellTox™ Green Dye.

Automation doesn’t get any easier than this!

Tecan’s Smart Automation solutions offer straightforward liquid handling for new users.

A turnkey solution for forensic identification

Genia Geo has chosen Tecan’s HID EVOlution™ system as part of its comprehensive forensic identification services for governments around the world. This one-stop solution encompasses everything from designing and building laboratories to training crime scene investigators and judges, and revolves around Tecan and Life Technologies’ fully validated, walkaway set-up for robust genetic identification.

Pooling resources

Novartis has a long history of working with Tecan’s Partnering Business for the development of automated workstations for blood banking applications.

Building a case of precision pipetting

The DNA Section of the Orange County Crime Laboratory has recently taken delivery of its first Air LiHa equipped Freedom EVO®workstation for DNA quantitation and amplification reaction set-up.

High thoughput nanoliter pipetting with the MCA 384

Scientists working in the Screening Unit at the Institute for Molecular Pharmacology inGermany are finding the low volume pipetting capability of the MultiChannel Arm™ 384beneficial for the investigation of siRNAs and small molecule compound screening.

Deciphering the epigenetic code

GUK-based Oxford BioDynamics has automated its proprietary biomarker discovery platform, EpiSwitch™, on a Freedom EVO® 150, helping to establish a NGS, CGH-array and PCR-based pipeline for the discovery of novel biomarkers, as well as a PCR protocol for biomarker-based diagnostic testing.

Bespoke forensics

Two Freedom EVO® platforms are speeding up processing of DNA evidence at the Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory, improving efficiency and helping staff to eliminate a six month backlog of cases since coming online.

Integrated nanoliter dispensing aids drug discovery

Scientists in the ADME Screening, Enzymology and Automation Group at Roche, Switzerland, have successfully integrated a mosquito® nanoliter liquid handling instrument with a Freedom EVO® platform, enabling accurate, precise pipetting at very low volumes.

Sample preparation: the heart of NGS

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is using a Freedom EVO® platform to automate sample handling and library preparation for next generation sequencing.

Customizing automated colony picking

Laboratory automation and LIMS specialist Mejoran Lab Automation has developed acustomized method for automated fungal colony picking on a Freedom EVO® 150 platform with an integrated SciRobotics Pickolo™ colony-picker.

Speed and reliability for drug titrations

GlaxoSmithKline’s quest for improved anti-malarial treatments has been revolutionized by the speed and reliability of the HP D300 Digital Dispenser. This innovative system has increased throughput for standard drug titrations and enabled combinations of candidate compounds to be tested much more easily.

Faster and more reliable screening for cystic fibrosis mutations

Alkor Bio has developed a rapid and accurate microarray-based diagnostic assay for cystic fibrosis using Tecan’s HS 400™ Pro Hybridization Station and PowerScanner™, allowing one technician to screen 10 patients for 25 cystic fibrosis mutations in under seven hours.

Automation paves the way for faster vaccine development

Charybdis Vaccines in Italy has automated phage display/deep sequencing techniques on a Freedom EVO® platform, resulting in faster identification of bacterial antigens and protective antibodies. This system is helping to drive the development of new vaccines against pathogens of major worldwide concern.

Monitoring the quality of beer a unique collaboration

Tecan has collaborated with HLFS Ursprung and the Stiegl brewery to optimize the HybriScan™D Beer method for the quality control of micro-organisms affecting the taste of beer on an Infinite® M200 PRO multimode reader.

Extended flexibility of Cavro® Omni Robot

Tecan has introduced two extra options for the Cavro Omni Robot; the Dual Z and the ADP (Air Displacement Pipettor).

AC Extraction Plate™ - a unique sample preparation tool for LC-MS

He recently launched AC Extraction Plate –based on Tecan’s proprietary TICE™ (Tecan Immobilized Coating Extraction) technology – is a convenient, automation-friendly solution designed to streamline sample preparation for LC-MS analysis of small molecules.

Tecan Academy to be available worldwide

Tecan’s online training tool, the Tecan Academy, will be launched globally in 2014, offering basic training and certification fornew operators.

Software updates enhance flexibility of HP D300

The latest software updates for the HP D300 Digital Dispenser ensure even greater versatility for drug discovery applications.

Nested disposable tips now available for Liquid Handling Arms

The demand for ever-increasing throughput means that many laboratories are looking for solutions to increase the throughput of their automated systems.

New TouchTools™ PCR Wizard aids automated PCR set-up

Tecan has launched the TouchTools PCR Wizard, an easy-to-use Freedom EVOware® add-on offering straightforward automation of PCR reaction set-up on Freedom EVO® platforms.

Tecan Symposium comes to Boston

The fifth annual Tecan Symposium will be visiting the historical US coastal city of Boston, Massachusetts, from the 23rd to the 25th of October.

Cornell Cup success for Tecan-sponsored team

A Tecan-sponsored team of students from the Weiss Laboratory for Synthetic Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, recently enjoyed success at the Cornell Cup USA competition in Florida.

40 years of Cavro®

As we reach the milestone anniversary of 40 years of Cavro, Tecan Systems’ Site Manager Nora Tryhorn takes stock and looks forward to a prosperous and successful future for Tecan’s components business.

Increased flexibility and choice for Cavro® Centris Pump

The state-of-the-art Cavro Centris Pump is now available with a range of glass syringes and plastic valves to complement the existing portfolio of long-life ceramic components.

Tecan enjoys success at 2012 SLAS Asia Conference and Exhibition

Tecan attended the 2012 SLAS Asia Conference and Exhibition at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, China, from 19th to 21st of June 2012.

Cornelias celebrates 25 years at Tecan Group Ltd.

Celebrations were in order in June, as customer service representative Cornelias Rushing reached the landmark 25 years of service at Tecan US. Cornelias joined Tecan in 1987.

Tecan US relocates to bigger and better premises

July this year saw Tecan US relocate from the Durham premises it had occupied for the past 21 years to a new, larger facility in the nearby Morrisville area of Raleigh.

Automated screening for recessive disorders elevates sensitivity to new heights

Carrier screening based on next generation DNA sequencing has been completely automated at Good Start Genetics® Inc., with proprietary chemistry and customized protocols on six Freedom EVO® platforms giving significantly better turnaround times and increased reliability and reproducibility.

Investigating protein targets and cellular pathways in yeasts

Scientists at the Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research have chosen generations of Tecan microplate readers to monitor the effects of environmental or drug perturbation on molecularly barcoded yeasts.

Undergraduate studies enter a whole new world

Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO multimode microplate readers are helping McMaster University to introduce chemical biology undergraduates to some of the most advanced techniques routinely used in today’s laboratories.

Rewriting the proteomics handbook

A suite of Tecan’s microarray products is ensuring that researchers at the Biodesign Institute in Arizona, USA, forge ahead with a range of functional proteomics projects looking at early biomarkers for several diseases.

Feeding the SRMAtlas project

A Freedom EVO® 150 workstation is being used to great effect by the proteomics group at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), Seattle, to generate samples for analysis by mass spectrometry, including for the world-renowned Selected Reaction Monitoring Atlas (SRMAtlas) project. The system is equipped with a variety of modules to meet the requirements of a range of different projects, and provides the reproducibility and throughput to enable these studies to be runentirely in house

Too gracious a host

Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal infection caused by Legionella pneumophila has recently been in the headlines due to a number of serious outbreaks around the world. Scientists at the University of Toronto are using Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO and Gas Control Module to study host-pathogen interactions for Legionella bacteria.

More than skin deep

Symrise is using an HP D300 Digital Dispenser to improve throughput and reproducibility in its cell and molecular biology laboratories, offering more reproducible results for cosmetic active ingredient testing.

Made-to-measure robotics

LCTech GmbH has a long association with Tecan Systems, and has been using its Tecan Cavro® components for many years. The Company’s latest sample preparation workstation, the FREESTYLE, uses a Cavro Omni Robot and Cavro XLP Pump to provide automated preparation of foods, feeds and environmental samples.

Developing a proteomic fingerprint for pancreatic cancer

Scientists at the German Cancer Research Center are using an HS 4800™ Pro microarray hybridization station and a PowerScanner™ to investigate pancreatic cancers. By combining these automated solutions with in-house developed antibody microarrays, the Center is able to study pancreatic cancer at a protein level, helping to better understand the basic biology of the disease and develop new screening strategies for early detection.

Speeding up drug discovery

Production of dose-response plates and cherry-picking are essential steps in early drug discovery to enable testing of many thousands of compounds. Researchers at Novartis are benefitting from the automated plate generation capabilities of two customized systems based on Freedom EVO® 200 platforms, each equipped with an MCA 384, significantly increasing sample throughput to over 10,000 compounds a day.

Baked to perfection

Puratos is using a Freedom EVO® 200 workstation to aid the development of novel enzymes for use in the baking industry. By automating enzyme screening and characterization, the Company is able to increase throughput and productivity, as well as improving quality control testing.

A watchful eye on biosecurity

The Infinite® F500 is BioSentinel’s reader of choice for its high sensitivity botulinum neurotoxin assays. Intended for government laboratory and pharmaceutical screening applications, BioSentinel now recommends the Infinite F500 to all its customers, thanks to the reader’s combination of advanced features and competitive pricing.

Introducing David Martyr

Just a few weeks into his new role, Tecan Group CEO Dr David Martyr took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about his previous roles and experience, and look ahead to a challenging and exciting future with Tecan.

Historic Boston plays host to the fifth Tecan Symposium

Mass spectrometry (MS) experts gathered in the historic city of Boston for the fifth annual Tecan Symposium, exploring how this technology is becoming a critical tool for a wide variety of applications.

First Air LiHa modules shipped to customers

Tecan is pleased to announce that the first Air LiHa air displacement pipetting arms have left Tecan’s production facility in Männedorf.

AlphaScreen® option launched for Infinite F200 PRO multimode reader

The newly developed AlphaScreen module for the popular Infinite F200 PRO multimode reader has been designed to provide customers with a cost-effective solution for AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA® assays

Talk to us @ SLAS2013

Tecan innovation is everywhere, from state-of-the-art pharmaceutical development facilities to the smallest academic laboratories. As we see it, our job is to simplify yours, so visit Tecan on booth #701 at SLAS2013 to see how our comprehensive range of laboratory automation, detection and OEM liquid handling solutions could benefit your laboratory.

Label-free technology benefits drug discovery

High throughput screening for drug discovery depends on reliable liquid handling, like that provided by Tecan’s Freedom EVO® platform. Chicago-based company SAMDI Tech has automated its proprietary label-free SAMDI technology on a Freedom EVO system for performing rapid and quantitative analysis of challenging biochemical targets.

Fighting the battle against infectious diseases

The specific detection of pathogens has a crucial role to play in ensuring control of infectious diseases. Scientists at F Cubed have developed a novel molecular analyzer – the NESDEP IU Molecular Diagnostic System – which relies on Tecan’s Cavro® Smart Valve and Cavro Centris Pump to offer straightforward identification of pathogens in a matter of minutes.

A framework for success

Freiburg-based Oncotest GmbH specializes in preclinical pharmacological contract research, and has successfully automated 3D cell culture on a Freedom EVO® workstation using polystyrene-based Alvetex® Scaffold 96-well plates from Reinnervate.

Adding depth to drug discovery

Tecan and TAP Biosystems have created an automated 3D cell culture screening platform by automating TAP’s RAFT™ cell culture technology on the Freedom EVO® workstation. This system uses in vivo-like concentrations of collagen matrix to ensure cell growth and proliferation in an environment closely resembling native tissue, with the added reliability and throughput of automated liquid handling.

Gravity-defying drug discovery

Tecan and InSphero have developed a novel solution for analyzing 3D cell cultures based on the Infinite® M200 PRO and InSphero’s 3D InSight™ microtissue technology. This solution is designed to facilitate the use of 3D cell culture formats in drug screening applications, helping to reduce the cost of early phase drug development.

On the outlook for veterinary disease

The Russian Federal Center for Animal Health is using a suite of Tecan workstations to automate various aspects of its ELISA- and PCR-based diagnostic testing operations, as well as the manufacture of a range of diagnostic ELISA kits. With eight Freedom EVO® platforms, plus a number of readers, washers and microarray instruments, the Center relies on Tecan automated solutions to help guarantee the quality and reliability of its work.

Holding the right CARDs

Rheonix Inc has integrated Tecan’s Cavro® Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) into its EncompassMDx™ molecular diagnostics workstation, providing complete automation of sample processing and analysis using Rheonix’s CARD® molecular diagnostic technology.

Perfect growth conditions for research

A newly established research group in the Division of Microbiology at the University of Salzburg has chosen an Infinite® M200 PRO microplate reader for monitoring cell growth of microaerophilic bacteria in its work to investigate the pathogen Helicobacter pylori.

The Tecan-Fudan University Demo lab opens in Shanghai

Tecan and Fudan University in Shanghai have joined forces to open a demonstration laboratory in the University’s School of Pharmacy. The laboratory was opened in October 2012, at a ceremony attended by dignitaries, fellow scientists and colleagues from the Shanghai area.

New Biophysics Austria award for young investigators

The Hansgeorg Schindler Young Investigator Award is a new award designed to promote collaboration between the Austrian biophysics community and leading academic centers around the world.

Boosting capacity for veterinary testing

The Veterinary Laboratory for the Pennsylvania department of Agriculture, USA, uses a Freedom EVO® 150 workstation to test for Johne’s disease, a contagious, chronic and potentially fatal paratuberculosis infection of the small intestine in tuminants.

A turnkey solution for forensic identification

Genia Geo has chosen Tecan’s HID EVOlution™ system as part of its comprehensive forensic identification services for governments around the world. This one-stop solution encompasses everything from designing and building laboratories to training crime scene investigators and judges, and revolves around Tecan and Life Technologies’ fully validated, walkaway set-up for robust genetic identification.

New possibilities for biological surfaces reseach

Two Freedom EVO® 200 workstations are helping researchers at McMaster University’s Biointerfaces Institute to investigate novel biomaterials and biointerfaces. The Institute’s high throughput, multi-faceted approach is borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry, and relies on the flexibility and modularity of its Tecan workstations.

Novartis embraces full automation

Basel-based Novartis Pharma AG has completed a year-long collaboration with the Tecan Integration Group, developing a fully automated Freedom EVO®-based system for antibody formulation screening.

Removing the constraints of manual dose-response assays

The Stanford genome Technology Center has invested in an HP D300 Digital Dispenser to study the effects of small molecule chemical inhibitors in yeast, enabling more experiments to be carried out more easily, and in less time.

Boosting drug discovery with efficient transfection technology

The Life Sciences laboratory of the Central Research Institute at Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd has used Tecan’s Freedom EVO® 200 workstation to develop a successful automated protocol for efficient siRNA transfection, paving the way for efficient high throughput screening of small RNA libraries.

Enhancing clinical diagnostics

Turkish company Zivak Technologies develops analytical kits and instrumentation for use in the food, healthcare and environmental sectors, and relies on Tecan’s Cavro® Omni Robot for its automated HPLC and LC-MCMS systems.

Pushing back boundaries with ultra-low volume pipetting

The Novartis Animal Health Research Center has invested in an automated compound logistics system to aid drug discovery, taking advantage of the exceptional pipetting capabilities of the MultiChannel Arm™ 384.

Shining a light on novel cancer drugs

Researchers at the Lyon Neuroscince Research Centre benefitting from the flexibility and user-friendly design of the Infinite® 200 PRO multimode reader, and have developed a unique cell migration assay to help identify novel biotherapeutics for the treatment of gliblastoma.

Automation helps to improve in situ hybridization protocols

The pathology laboratory at Shanghai’s Changhai Hospital has successfully evaluated Tecan’s HS 400™ PRO hybridization station for the analysis of breast and lung cancers.

Tecan Academy offers web-based training for new users

The recently launched Tecan Academy is already proving a valuable learning tool for Tecan customers in North America, helping to provide an overview of the capabilities of Tecan’s liquid handling systems and multimode readers.

Tecan to launch Air LiHa for Freedom EVO® platform

With over 30 years of experience in advanced liquid handling for life sciences, Tecan understands that flexibility is crucial to making laboratory automation work for you. Our FlowThru ™ Technology-based liquid displacement systems and automationexpertise have established Tecan as a market leader in laboratory liquid handling solutions, and we will soon be offering even greater choice by expanding our portfolio to include an air displacement pipetting arm for our Freedom EVO workstations.

A fresh approach to clean water

Microbiologists at Giessen University are using an Infinite® M200 microplate reader to look at the potential of engineered metal nanoparticles for treating water, inhibiting the growth of bacteria in drinking water at the point of use, and eradicating pharmaceuticals and other micropollutants from waste water.

The right tools to drive drug discovery

A Freedom EVO® 200 dedicated to ADME screening has transformed the workflow of the Drug Metabolism Pharmacokinetic (DMPK) Group at the Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery (VCNDD), creating a high throughput contemporary ADME facility that is driving drug discovery forward.

Automation aids peptide biomarker discovery

Researchers at JPT Peptide Technologies are using Tecan's HS 4800™ hybridization station to improve throughput and give a high level of reproducibility for patient sera screening with the Company's own PepStar™ peptide microarray technology.

A powerful combination for qPCR

The Dittmer Lab at the University of North Carolina is investigating the biology of viral cancers using a Freedom EVO® 150 with an integrated LightCycler® 480 Real-Time PCR System. This versatile set-up provides automated qPCR-based analysis for viral gene and microRNA expression profiling, as well as viral load testing of clinical trial samples.

Capturing the 'dynamics' of automated cell culturing

Researchers at the innovative stem cell company Cellular Dynamics International (CDI) have developed a novel, serum-free directed differentiation protocol, based on Tecan's Cellerity™ automated cell culturing system. The new method enables the maintenance of a uniform starting population of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs), leading to the generation of hematopoietic precursor cells (HPCs).

A real winner for celiac patients

The Tecan Award 2011 built on last year's success and saw our customers submit a plethora of innovative applications for our detection equipment. Competition was fierce, with many ingenious entries, and third place was eventually awarded to Maria Isabel Pividori from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, for her work on the detection of gliadin, a constituent of the cereal protein gluten.

Caring for staff and patients; benefits all round with the FE500™ and a Te-Care™ Service Contract

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital relies on an FE500 pre-analytical sample handling platform and a Te-Care Service Contract, ably supported by Tecan's certified field service engineers, to ensure uninterrupted processing of blood samples for its clinical departments.

Finding the right Candidate

Novartis is using an HS 4800™ Pro hybridization station to help profile and select antibodies for development into new biopharmaceuticals, relying on the system's throughput and reproducibility to efficiently prepare Protagen UNIchip® microarrays for analysis.

Developing new, efficient immunodiagnostic technologies

Researchers at the Kyoto Institute of Technology chose Tecan's microplate readers and microarray processing instruments to develop highly sensitive immunodiagnostic technologies based on immobilized single-chain variable fragments (scFvs).

High stakes laboratory Automation

Horse racing is an immensely popular sport worldwide and, with huge sums of money riding on the results, maintaining the integrity of racing is crucial for jockeys, trainers, owners and racegoers alike, as is protecting the health of the sport's valuable thoroughbred horses. In France, the Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques is taking advantage of Tecan's Freedom EVO® platform to prepare samples for analysis by mass spectrometry in the battle to keep racing clean.

Creating a Rosetta Stone for certification

Following on from the successful ISO certification of our UK, French, German and Benelux organizations, Tecan is now working towards a company-wide matrix certification, to ensure that our organizations around the world are working in the same way, and are collectively striving to improve the services our business offers.

Customers celebrate the launch of Tecan Australia

Tecan recently invited customers from around Australasia to mark the inauguration of Tecan Australia as a fully owned Tecan subsidiary, with a series of launch events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

2012 Tecan Symposium – mass spectrometry

Tecan is proud to announce its fifth Tecan Symposium, to be held this year from the 23rd to the 25th of October in Boston, USA. This year's topic will be 'Mass spectrometry – the expanding role in life sciences and diagnostics'.

Direct Digital Titration triumphs at SLAS2012

The first annual SLAS Conference and Exhibition held in San Diego, California, in February heralded success for Tecan, with the HP D300 Digital Dispenser receiving the SLAS2012 New Product Award Designation.

China Strategy Project provides new investment in Asian market

When Tecan established its Beijing representative office in 2004, customer service and support were already important components for the development of our business in China. This was strengthened in 2008 by the creation of Tecan's Asia Pacific Headquarters, with local service manager Hua Zhang and Johann Prossinger, originally from Tecan Austria, tasked with developing the local service capabilities.

Tecan Award 2011 winner announced

Established in 2010 to celebrate the innovation and ingenuity of Tecan's loyal customers, the Tecan Award highlights some impressive and imaginative uses for the Company's detection instruments. We are pleased to announce that the 2011 award has been won by Svenja Kristina Holle from the University Hospital of Muenster (UHM), Germany, for her work with an Infinite® 200 microplate reader.

Tecan ends support for GENios™ plate reader

After its launch in 1999, the GENios plate reader became one of the most popular plate readers in the life science community. But, even the best things must come to an end, and Tecan has announced it is ending support for this well established, but past its prime, microplate reader.

Simplifying QC for Freedom EVO® Workstations

Tecan has partnered with Artel – the worldwide leader in liquid handling quality assurance – to offer the QC Kit, a fully integrated pipetting performance verification solution for Freedom EVO liquid handling workstations.

Making advances in the battle against autoimmune disease

Scientists at the National Institute of Molecular Genetics in Italy rely on the Freedom EVO® platform for automated diagnostic screening of sera from patients suffering from autoimmune diseases.

Cavro® Air Displacement Pipettor provides the key to automated sonochemical synthesis of nanoparticles

Go2 Technologies, a specialized engineering solutions provider, has used Tecan’s Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor to develop a novel automated method for labor-intensive sonochemical synthesis procedures.

Reprogramming nature

Researchers in the Synthetic Biology Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are using a Freedom EVO® workstation to aid the development of genetic circuits. By automating the laborious liquid handling protocols, the platform has increased throughput from just a few samples to hundreds of experiments a day.

Rapid, automated isolation of buffy coat benefits DNA extraction

Tecan and the Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg (IBBL) have successfully co-developed an automated platform for buffy coat extraction based on a Freedom EVO® 200 workstation, relieving scientific staff from this time-consuming task and significantly increasing the yield of DNA.

Investing in the future of drug discovery

Osaka University’s International Drug Discovery Incubation Group opened its doors to drug discovery researchers in western Japan in April 2011, providing access to high throughput technologies including Tecan’s Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstations and Infinite® M1000 microplate reader.

Protecting the nation

Russia’s Central Tuberculosis Research Institute is using a Freedom EVO® orkstation to help in the fight against tuberculosis. The platform provides fast and secure sample preparation, allowing molecular diagnosis of M. tuberculosis infection in just a few hours.

Biopharma by designBiopharma by design

Isogenica provides peptide, protein and antibody discovery and design services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and has invested in two Freedom EVO® liquid handling platforms to increase its capacity for the selection of next generation molecules.

A winning combination for nephrology research

In the last edition of the Tecan Journal we announced the winner of the Tecan Award 2011, Svenja Kristina Holle from the University Hospital of Münster, whose team has developed an ex vivo method for investigating the dynamics of organic cation transport in proximal tubules of the kidney, using an Infinite® 200 PRO microplate reader.

Joining the digital age

TES Pharma is a specialist biotechnology company which performs molecular, cellular and ADME screening for drug discovery. The Company has recently purchased an HP D300 Digital Dispenser, and is now reaping the benefits of direct titration with improved assay reproducibility and more time to perform exploratory research.

Automating advances in medical technology

Scientists at the Biodesign Institute Center for Innovations in Medicine have increased their sample throughput and improved inter-assay variation using Tecan's HS 4800™ Pro microarray hybridization station.

Injecting new life into environmental science

Picarro is using Cavro® Centris Pumps as part of an innovative atmospheric water vapor isotope analyzer. Designed for fully automated operation in remote locations, these highly sensitive instruments provide environmental scientists with valuable data to help understand the shifting global climate.

The future is smaller

Merz Pharma has taken advantage of the greater flexibility and large pipetting volumes offered by the Freedom EVO® workstation's MultiChannel Arm™ (MCA) 384 option to accelerate its drug discovery pipeline, eliminating the need for single concentration analysis in its screening processes.

Tecan-sponsored graduate team triumphs in Californian sun

Tecan is pleased to announce that a Company-sponsored team has won the KeckGraduate Institute (KGI) Team Masters Project (TMP) Collaborative Excellence Award, partof the Institute's Master of Bioscience (MBS) degree program focusing on business andmanagement skills within the life science sector. The TMP is the capstone of the MBSprogram, and is designed to encourage innovative, application-focused thinkingas multidisciplinary teams of postgraduate students work with industry figures to solvereal problems using novel and existing technologies.

Gambarou Nippon! Let's do our best together Japan!

In the aftermath of the deadly earthquake, tsunami and radiation threat in March, there was widespread fear that this disaster would also impact on Japan's national economy, with the country being left behind in the global market.

The future of microplate detection has arrived

Tecan has recently updated its Infinite® M1000 high-end multimode microplate reader with new features designed to offer the same top class performance for an evenwider range of applications. First launched in 2008, the Infinite M1000 uses Tecan's premium Quad4 Monochromators™ technology to offer exceptional speed, sensitivity andflexibility for academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical research applications.

Enhanced pipetting flexibility with new MCA 384 Disposable Tips

Tecan has launched a new generation of high quality MCA 384 Disposable Tips designed to optimize the performance and reliability of the versatile MultiChannel Arm™ (MCA) 384pipetting option on Freedom EVO® workstations. The all new range of MCA 384 Disposable Tips has been extended to include a 15 μl tip size alongside the existing 50 μl and 125 μlsizes, providing high quality, reliable pipetting across a broad volume range.

Taking special care of dangerous pathogens

The P4 Inserm-Jean Mérieux laboratory in Lyon relies on the flexibility, robustness and reliability of Tecan’s Infinite® 200 PRO monochromator-based microplate reader for absorbance-, luminescenceand fluorescence-based assays on Risk Group 4 pathogens. The P4 Inserm-Jean Mérieux laboratory in Lyon is a highly secure laboratory, the largest of its category in Europe, affiliated to the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), and open to national and international scientific teams that need to handle Risk Group 4 pathogens. P4’s main activities include diagnosis, research, biosafety and trainingon agents responsible for viral hemorrhagic fevers (Ebola, Marburg, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever and Lassa) and fatal encephalitis (Nipah and Hendra).

High throughput hybridoma Generation

Tecan’s Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform has enabled Nurex to enhance its production of monoclonalantibodies, improving efficiency and increasing the number of clones obtained from each fusion. Nurex is a biotechnology company based in Sassari and Turin, Italy, that specializes in the production of advanced diagnostic tools for biomedical applications in genomics, proteomics and clinical diagnostics.

A new dimension in plate preparation for 3D cell assays

Scientists at the AstraZeneca Innovation Center China have developed a novel technique using a Freedom EVO® system for temperature-dependent automated preparation of cell culture plates for candidate compound screening. By precoating microplate wells with agar prior to pipetting the BD Matrigel™, the team is able to perform 3D cell-based assays in a 96-well microplate format.

Unwinding the genetic clock

Researchers at the Institute of Entomology (ENTU) in the Czech Republic are studying insect circadian clocks and have used Tecan’s Infinite® M1000 plate reader to automate hourly luminescence measurement of transgenic Drosophila. Automation enables large-scale screens of mutant Drosophila strains to be performed, involving hundreds of measurements over a period of up to two weeks.

Biobanking clinical cytology samples in Sweden

The Swedish national biobanking infrastructure, (BioBanking and Molecular Resource Infrastructure of Sweden), has initiated a pilot study for the improvement and national harmonization of biobanking procedures in clinical cytology. Following a national procurement process, the first of 10Freedom EVO® liquid handling platforms has been installed in the Clinical Cytology Biobank at the Karolinska University Hospital.

Successful isolation and expansion of human primary cells

A network project jointly funded by the Swiss Confederation CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation) and Tecan, bringing together industrial, academic and clinical partners such as the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and the University Hospital Balgrist in Zurich, has developed a successful automated system based on the Freedom EVO® platform. The system isolates and cultivates cells from human intervertebral disks, improving reproducibility and encompassing all-importantintegral quality control.

China embraces a whole new dimension in blood safety

Blood safety is a serious concern for countries worldwide and China is no exception to this. For many years commercial blood donation has been prohibited in China, and the Government has adopted a systematic approach to continually improving blood quality, from the initial donation through to collection, transportation, screening and finally, transfusion in a hospital.

4th Tecan Symposium enjoys Chinese success

Tecan recently hosted the fourth annual Tecan Symposium, welcoming leading genomics, proteomics and biobanking experts from around the globe to discuss this year’s topic; Translational Medicine: From bench to bedside and back.

Customers benefit as Tecan Australia becomes a subsidiary

Customers in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands have welcomed the news that in early 2012 Tecan Australia became a fully owned Tecan subsidiary. A new facility in Melbourne and local presence in several major cities reflects Tecan’s uniquely strong commitment and continuing investment in the Australasian market. The new Melbourne base houses a comprehensive sales and support organization, complete with a workshop and additional facilities for customer training and demonstrations.

Reinventing drug titration

In the last issue of the Tecan Journal, we announced the availability of the revolutionary HP D300 Digital Dispenser exclusively through Tecan’s Life Science Business. As customers in Europe and North America begin to place their orders, Kevin Peters, HP Global Sales Development Manager, reports on early customer experiences with the new technology.

5 ml disposable tips now available for LiHa Arm

Tecan has further extended the flexibility of the Freedom EVO Liquid Handling (LiHa) Arm with the launch of a 5 ml disposable tip. Previously only available to Tecan customers working with fixed tips, the unrivalled pipetting volume range offered by the LiHa Arm can now be exploited by customers who require the highest levels of sample security.

Freedom EVO® workstation configured for blood centers

Delegates from blood centers across China recently enjoyed a visit to Tecan’s European development facilities in order to share their experiences and give their input on performing high quality ELISAs within blood banking laboratories.

Culturing adult hippocampal precursor cells

Scientists studying adult neurogenesis at the CRTD, the DFG Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden, are using a Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform for cell culture maintenance.

Breathing new life into cell-based studies

The recently launched Gas Control Module for the Infi nite® 200 PRO is off ering researchers at the University of Salzburg a new approach to the investigation of cellular processes, allowing incubation of cells within the reader for the fi rst time.

Bridging the gap with Automatic Genomics

The Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares has developed Automatic Genomics, a software application that enables automation of medium throughput qPCR assays on the Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform.

A leading light for drug discovery

Euroscreen is a pre-clinical drug discovery company based in Gosselies, Belgium, focusing on development of small molecule drugs for unmet clinical needs. Specializing in G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), Euroscreen works with a number of major pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop and optimize fi rst-in-class candidate compounds targeting GPCRs. In addition to its research activities, Euroscreen also operates a high throughput screening (HTS) service (Euroscreen FAST) providing customized GPCR screening and services for biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.

The cutting edge of assay development

Tecan has partnered with Sword Diagnostics, a leader in detection chemistries, to optimize the sensitivity of immunoassays using the patented Sword™ Detection System on the flexible Infinite® M200 and Infinite M1000 microplate readers.

A real winner for multiple sclerosis research

In the last Tecan Journal we announced that Dr Francisco Quintana from the Harvard Medical School had become the first ever winner of the Tecan Detection Award. Dr Quintana’s laboratory is using a range of Tecan instruments – including a HS 4800™ Pro hybridization station, a PowerScanner™ and an Infinite® F200 microplate reader – as part of a systems biology approach to studying the role of the immune response in multiple sclerosis.

Application-focused consumables for life sciences

Tecan continuously strives to provide quality consumables which meet the changing needs of life sciences research. The recent trend towards high content, cell-based screening has seen an increase in demand for automation of this type of assay, and Tecan now off ers disposable tips for Freedom EVO liquid handling (LiHa) arms in Tecan Sterile purity.

LabAutomation 2011

This year’s ALA LabAutomation Conference celebrated 15 years of bringing together science, technology and industry to showcase the latest developments in laboratory automation. Held in Palm Springs Convention Center, California, this annual event provides a unique opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues from around the world, while exploring exciting new developments in laboratory automation. With attendance up on last year, Tecan enjoyed another successful exhibition, and customers old and new visited the Tecan booth to discover the Company’s latest offerings for the life science sector.

Tecan and HP to develop new drug-dispensing solutions for research

Tecan and HP have entered into an agreement to commercialize a new automation solution for pharmaceutical drug discovery, based on HP’s high performance inkjet dispensing technology.

Tecan and Attana sign North America distribution agreement

Tecan has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Attana AB – a leading manufacturer of quartz crystal microbalance biosensor instruments – for the distribution, service and support of Attana’s instruments and assay technology in North America.

EVO Logic simplifies Genesis™ trade-in

The Genesis workstation has been superseded by our more powerful Freedom EVO® platform and, from January 2012, we will no longer be providing support for the Genesis. Last year, many customers took advantage of our special off er to make the transition to Freedom EVO workstations, and our network of service and application specialists has been working closely with these customers to ensure this change has been as smooth as possible.

Quality matters: audits as a learning platform

Quality audits are a requirement of ISO certification, and are performed toverify that standards are being conformed to by reviewing objective evidence.Tecan has introduced an internal training program for quality auditors, helpingto maintain the Company's high quality standards and customer satisfaction.

Second generation biofuels – making energy from waste

The Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP), a specialized research center within the Biology Department at the University of York, UK, is using Freedom EVO® workstations in its research into the potential of plant-and microbial-basedrenewable resources.

Automation of DNA analysis boosts the fight against crime

The DNA Analysis group at the Hessen Landeskriminalamt in Germany has automated DNA trace analysis with the HID EVOlution™ System, increasing throughput ofcrime samples, providing results in approximately three days and improving the quality of analysis.

Freedom EVO® in Evogene's Biolab runs 13 cloning related procedures

Automation with the Freedom EVO system and SciRobotics' Pickolo™ colony picker has revolutionized the gene cloning and colony picking workflow at Evogene'slaboratory, allowing timeefficient and reliable tracking of cloning processes andenabling scientists to increase the yearly production of clones.

Sunrise™ in Mongolia

Scientists involved in the study of vitamin D levels in the Mongolian population were in need of a microplate reader to help further their research. Anamazing collaboration evolved, with staff from Tecan, CERLab, and Brigham and Women's Hospital working together to solve the problem.

Relying on automation – new applications for circular dichroism

Applied Photophysics has created a new protein discovery solution, incorporating Tecan's Cavro® Omni Robot to automate sample preparation for its Chirascan™-plus CD Spectrometer. This newly created system combines Tecan's precise and reliablesample handling with measurement reproducibility, opening up a wide range of circular dichroism applications for the first time.

30 years of Tecan

We are proud to have been true pioneers in the liquid handling market for three decades, and we really hope you value your Tecan as much as we love making them for you. As Tecan turns 30, here is how we celebrated across the world.

ARUP Institute develops novel 104-well microplate

The ARUP Institute for Clinical and Experimental PathologyR (ARUP), based in Salt Lake City, USA, has chosen the Freedom EVOR liquid handling platform for automating RIA and ELISA assays, developing a novel 104-well microplate to increase sample throughput.

First choice for qualityand reliability

St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester, is using a fully automated DNA extraction system based on a Freedom EVOR workstation.This system provides walkaway extraction of DNA from blood samples by combining a Freedom EVO 150 liquid handling platform with chemagen’s proven nucleic isolation technology.

Faster Pharma

Tecan’s MultiChannel Arm™ 384 (MCA 384) has revolutionized the laboratory workflow in the Division of Cancer Research at the Institut de Recherches Servier, allowing scientists to simultaneously process multiple assay plates for compound screening, as well as increasing the number of compound and enzyme combinations tested per run.

Automated microfluidic technology – from macro to micro

IntegenX designs, manufactures and markets automated systems for reliable microsample preparation and analysis, and has chosen the Tecan CavroR Mini Sample Processor (MSP) to automate its microfluidic technology.

A lifeline for sample processing

The University Medical Center Groningen is using customized biobanking solutions from the Tecan Integration Group to perform front-end sample management and aliquoting for its LifeLines population study.

Automation increases neonatal screening throughput

Astoria-Pacific International has chosen the Freedom EVOR liquid handling platform to automate its SPOTCHECKR Neonatal Screening assays for biotinidase and GALT (galactose-1-phosphate uridyltransferase).

Tecan presents new Infinite® 200 PRO at Forum LABO & BIOTECH 2010

Tecan chose the 9th biennial Forum LABO & BIOTECH, held at the Paris Expo Exhibition Center in Porte de Versailles, for the presentation of the new Infi nite 200 PRO.The highly successful exhibition for analysis, control, research and analytical process professionals took place over four days from 1st – 4th June, and was attended by 8,564 visitors, many of them international. Tecan was one of 297 exhibitors taking the opportunity to showcase new and existing products to visitors, ranging from scientists responsible for initiating projects who were seeking information, to those who simply had a keen interest in technology.

AACC Clinical Lab Expo 2010

The 2010 American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Clinical Lab Expo, held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA, from July 27th-29th, continues to be the world’s largest show dedicated to clinicallaboratory sciences. More than 21,000 people attended this year’s premiere event, with an all-time record of 1,996 booths and more than 650 exhibitors.

Tecan Group achieves ISO accreditation

In recent years, Tecan has successfully embarked on a program to achieve ISO certification for all its global manufacturing and sales organizations, and now the Tecan Group parent company has been certified to ISO 13485 standard for its web-based management system.

We appreciate our customers’ feedback

We are asking all Te-Care™ service customers to give us their feedback on how we performed

Strengthened first level Te-Care™ Service in Europe

The Tecan name is synonymous with quality and innovation, and we continuously strive to adapt and improve our Te-Care service offerings and processes to meet our customer’s diverse requirements. As part of these efforts, we have recently made several changes to our service organization, particularly in Europe, to improve the accessibility of our helpdesk, to increase our speed in resolving issues and to ensure better communication with our customers.

Te-Care™ Service Contracts – greater flexibility, greater choice

With 30 years of experience in service support, we know that the same solution is not right for everyone. To better meet our customers’ needs, the current range of service contracts–Te-Care™Complete, Te-care™Maintenance and Te-Care™Repair –has been extended to include two new options –Te-Care™Check andTe-Care™Depot Repair –designed specifically for users of Tecan detection instruments.

Ensuring quality and reliability

Validation is a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirement with benefits for both Tecan and its customers.

Crystal clear results

The Protein Expression Purification Crystallization Core at Case Western Reserve University is designed to perform high throughput crystallization trials, taking advantage of the automation capabilities of Tecan’s CrysScreen™ software and Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform to optimize crystallization parameters.

High throughput HIV screening with Freedom EVOlyzer®

ViroMed, a provider of laboratory testing services based in Minneapolis, USA, chose six Freedom EVOlyzers to support high throughput ELISA testing for a substantial HIV screening project.

Innovation in action

A successful partnership between Tecan and the Hochschule für Technik in Rapperswil, Switzerland, has resulted in the development of a new technology called Array Liquid Arrival Check (ArrayLAC) that shows great potential for built-in process control in Tecan pipetting platforms. ArrayLAC will be ideal for real time and parallel volume measurement in microplates before and after pipetting steps.

Improved plate washing for ELISpot assays

Researchers at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, have introduced automated washing for Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpot (ELISpot) assays, using the HydroFlex™ microplate washer.

Moving on to new challenges – Martin von Lueder

President of Tecan Europe, Martin von Lueder, talks about his years with Tecan.

Seeing is believing

Scientists at the Center for Integrated Protein Science Munich have taken advantage of the 3D scanning capabilities of Tecan’s Infinite® M1000 microplate reader.

Creative customer competition – We love our Tecan

Earlier this year we launched a competition inviting you to show us how much you love your Tecan and win a party for your team. We have received some great, creative photos showing just how important Tecan systems are to your teams, a selection of which are illustrated. We hope you enjoy working with your instruments as much as we love making them for you.

In search of perfection

Researchers at The Australian Wine Research Institute are taking advantage of the flexible Freedom EVO® platform to help investigate a wide range of factors affecting the quality of wine.

Automated multiplex assays offer novel newborn screening solution

Tecan is collaborating with Luminex® Corporation to develop an innovative, automated newborn screening solution designed to rapidly identify potential health issues in infants. Luminex’s Luminex 200™ instrument with xMAP® technology is being integrated with Tecan’s Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform and HydroFlex™ washer to create the 996x™.

A meeting of minds for worldrenowned scientists

Salzburg in Austria was the beautiful autumn setting for Tecan’s third symposium, where key thought leaders from Europe, the US, Asia and Australia came together to discuss this year’s topic – Applying Genomic Technologies – in an informal and stimulating atmosphere.

Automated solutions for cell biology

Tecan and Miltenyi Biotec are working together to develop a range of automated solutions for cell biology, based on the powerful MACS® magnetic bead technology.

Read. Wash. Win(ner)!

Tecan is pleased to announce the winner of the first ever Tecan Detection Award. The award is designed to celebrate the innovation and ingenuity of our loyal customers, and we have been overwhelmed by your response to this inaugural competition. We received a lot of strong entries (look out for some of these in future issues of the Tecan Journal), and we would like to thank all those who submitted abstracts of their work. Choosing just a single winner was very difficult, but we would like to congratulate Dr Francisco Quintana from the Center for Neurologic Diseases at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, for his pioneering work on the progression of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) using human and zebrafish antigen microarrays.

Tecan enjoys success at China Forum on Transfusion Medicine 2010

Tecan recently attended the 5th National Congress of the Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion (CSBT) and China Forum on Transfusion Medicine 2010 at the Pride International Conference Centre of Chengdu in Sichuan Province, China. This international event attracted more than 1,000 experts from around the world to discuss the current challenges, trends and innovations in blood transfusion medicine.

Integrated Adaptive Focused AcousticsTM for the Freedom EVO®

Tecan is collaborating with Covaris, Inc. to integrate Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA) non-contact acoustic sample preparation technology into Freedom EVO workstations. High quality, reproducible sample preparation is the critical fi rst step in improving analytical results, and Covaris’ highly controlled AFA system sets the standard for today’s rapidly advancing analytical technologies and sophisticated assays. This joint off ering will be available to customers worldwide, providing a scalable, turnkey solution for automated sample preparation, compound management and next generation sequencing applications.

Innovative HydroSpeed plate washer launched

The HydroSpeed plate washer is an advanced system for optimized washing of cells, beads and ELISAs in 96- and 384-well formats. It off ers full control over critical wash parameters, via an intuitive touchscreen interface, with extra gentle drop-wise dispensing and tunable aspiration settings to help avoid loss of material and maximize assay effi ciency.

Cavro® ADP – a new innovation for liquid handling

Tecan has launched the new Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP), a compact, pneumatic pipetting solution for easy integration and exceptional liquid handling performance. The Cavro ADP is a fully programmable, pneumatic pipetting module designed for integration into instruments requiring minimal maintenance or where space is at a premium. Using pneumatic technology in a Tecan Cavro product for the fi rst time, this innovative module gives you an automated pipetting solution that is smaller than ever before, using air displacement to aspirate and dispense fluids. Correct operation is monitored by onboard pressure-based liquid level detection and self-diagnostics.

Ensuring quality food production

Scientists working in the diagnostic serology department of the Laboratorio Tre Valli, Italy, rely on a Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform to monitor the health of livestock and ensure the quality of their food products.

Miniaturized FISH

Tethis has automated its microFIND™ technology by adapting a Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform with accessories to accommodate the characteristics of this microfluidic device. The resulting system, known as autoFIND-F75, provides an affordable way of performing large scale FISH screening of cytological specimens.

Living in harmony is probably the best medicine you will need

Researchers at The Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Products, Jinan University, China, are using a Tecan multimode microplate reader to investigate the mechanism of immunosuppression caused by stress, aiming to discover effective natural solutions.

A plate of live fish!

The inaugural Tecan Detection Award, designed to celebrate our customers’ innovation and ingenuity, received many strong entries. A very close contest eventually saw Dr Jeff Mumm from Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU), US, awarded second place for his work on reporter-based drug screening using Tecan’s Infi nite® M1000 and live zebrafish!

Throwing new light on kidney function

The Experimental Nephrology laboratory at University Hospital Munster is using an Infinite® M200 microplate reader to help investigate kidney function.

Reliable and time-saving diagnostic ELISA tests

Automation of nine ELISA based serological tests for autoimmune and infectious diseases on the Freedom EVOlyzer® platform has saved Unilabs AB, Skovde, Sweden, a lot of labor, releasing valuable time for other activities.

Our reliable service partner

Nycomed ensures reliable operation of all Tecan instruments used in its pharmaceutical research and development with Te-Care™ Complete service contracts.

Innovation in biopharmaceutical downstream process development

Automation of Atoll’s 96-array MediaScout® RoboColumns on the Freedom EVO® workstation is proving a popular approach for development of biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Automated forensic testing tackles casework backlog

The Nebraska State Patrol Crime Laboratory has chosen the HID EVOlution™ System to automate its forensic DNA testing and, after a smooth installation and validation, is eagerly anticipating it will help to reduce the existing nine month casework backlog.

Pre-analytics made easy

The clinical laboratory at Fletcher Allen Health Care is the reference diagnostic center for the entire state of Vermont and, to ensure a high throughput capacity, uses Tecan’s Genesis FE500™ to automate pre-analytical sample processing.

Consistency and reproducibility in stem cell culture

Researchers in the Department of Biochemical Engineering, University College London (UCL), UK, have automated stem cell culture on a custom-built Freedom EVOR 100 platform.

Automation standardizes single-cell assays

Chemical engineers in Cambridge, MA, USA, are using HS 400™ Pro Hybridization Stations to study heterogeneity in populations of cells, characterizing single cells to help understand interindividual variability in immune response and responsiveness to clinical treatments.

New global supply operation guarantees quick delivery of parts

Tecan’s restructured global demand planning operations has been running since July 2009, supplying stock through two central warehouses in Bad Sackingen, Germany and Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, as well as two local warehouses in China and Japan, to ensure faster delivery of Tecan spare parts and consumables products.

Tecan and pION offer new automated drug screening solution

Following on from the successful launch of manual assay systems for permeability and solubility, Tecan and 􀁐ION INC have co-developed an automated solution for drug permeability and solubility screening. This new solution is both scalable and upgradable according to the user’s changing requirements, from the entry level manual technique to a fully automated system for high throughput applications.

Hands-on training for microRNA profi ling

New purity level certification ensures reliable results with LiHa disposable tips.

Quality tips you can count on

New purity level certification ensures reliable results with LiHa disposable tips.

An astonishing screening cpacitiy for kinetic studies

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology (WTCCB), University of Edinburgh, UK, relies on Tecan's versatile range of microplate readers for kinetic studies to increase understanding of living systems at the molecular level.

New tools for drug discovery

Cellular Dyncamics in Wisconsin, USA, is using its Celleritiy™ workstation for reliable culturing and differentiation of pluripotent steem cells, helping to provide the pharmaceutical industry with advanced tools for drug discovery and toxicology testing.

Sharing a successful formula

Tecan's Freedom EVO® platform is proving a valuable resource in the shared laboratory facilities of Vet Food Agro Diagnostics and Asia-Pacific Special Nutrients in Malaysia.

Award winning efficiency

Pfizer's BioBank facility in Connecticut, USA, has revolutionized its DNA extraction workflow thanks to the open architecture of its Freedom EVO® workstations.

18 years old and still going strong

The Justus-von-Liebig soil sampling laboratory in Bavaria has what is probably the oldest suite of Tecan instruments still in routine use - unless you can tell us otherwise! - and has been using it to test agricultural soil samples for almost twenty years

Infinite® 200 PRO offers new horizons in microplate detection

Building on the success of the Infinite 200 series, Tecan has developed the Infinite 200 PRO multimode microplate reader, whith new enhancements that cater for the needs of today's

TouchTools Suite™ generates a buzz with conference attendees

TouchTools Suite has proven to be a star attraction among visitors at the numerous conferences and exhibitions Tecan has attended since its launch last year.

Construct your own robot - custom design for the Freedom EVO® 75

Now you too can build your own robot. Tecan has just introduced the Freedom EVO configurator, a web-based application which enables the user to custom design a Freedom EVO 75 platform to meet a laboratory's specific requirements.

Walkaway automation for infectious disease testing

Vestfold Hospital Trust in Norway has chosen the Freedom EVOlyzerR for automation of ELISA assays in its microbiology laboratory in Tonsberg.

An island of tranquility at Expo Shanghai 2010

This year’s spectacular Shanghai Expo, based on the central theme ‘Better City, Better Life’, is a showcase for the latest and greatest innovations the world has to offer. 400,000 visitors a day, an expected 70 million people over the six month event, will have the opportunity to see amazing new ideas, particularly those focusing on urban strategies and sustainable development. But, even in such a busy and hectic event, there is still an opportunity to grab a few minutes peace and quiet, thanks to a huge golden teardrop and a Freedom EVOR platform.