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Marketing, Sales and Product Management.

Marketing, sales and product management connect our customers to our products. Because a deep understanding of a customer's challenges and the solutions we offer is required, the team works closely with different areas of the business – from Research and Development to services. This is the key to a strong and long-lasting relationship.

Naoures's hobby got her on stage. Her passion in the lab.

Before Naoures joined Tecan’s sales team, she worked in the lab and spent her free time on stage at the theater. Both
experiences help her excel in her role at Tecan.

Opportunities in marketing, sales and product

Integrated Marketing Manager

As an integrated marketing manager, you will commercialize and promote Tecan’s innovative products. You will drive the marketing processes and execution with excellence across the global marketing organization.


In the role of sales manager, you will be the first line of contact with our customers. You will work closely with them to understand their needs and find the best solution, aligning with our different experts.


Developing strategic and tactical commercial plans is vital as a product manager. You will lead and perform market research to analyze customer needs, markets and trends.

For Reggie, Healthcare isn’t just about business. It’s about all of us.

As sales director, Reggie enjoys working with global clients, but also with the small, innovative start-ups. His passion for impacting people’s lives and health is part of his DNA – from helping his local community, to helping the global one at Tecan.

Join our global team and improve the lives and health of millions.

Myron’s endurance in marathons helps him achieve the best for the client.

Myron’s passion for marathons taught him a lot about endurance in life and his work as a senior business development specialist. For him, it is all about finding the strength to go above and beyond and celebrating every small step along the way achieving a goal becoming better than the day before.

Insights from employees and departments.


Join the team. Make it count.

Our team is comprised of experts from different fields and professions. What they have in common is their unique backgrounds and experiences. This is why we provide a diverse and inclusive environment that gives everyone room to experiment and grow. This is where innovation thrives.

Outstanding people are critical in this extremely dynamic and innovation-intensive field, and we generally have a range of exciting opportunities available at any time.

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