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This content is available also in other languages

February 10, 2000 | Customer News

Nanopipetting Option for GENESIS NPS

TECAN introduces the new Nanopipetting Option for GENESIS NPS (Nanopipetting System). This latest technology allows you to miniaturise your High Throughput Screening (HTS) and array pipetting assays, making it suitable for life science laboratories. The Nanopipetting Option is ideal for a range of applications including hit picking, direct dilutions and miniaturised assay development as well as DNA microarray pipetting and liquid handling for BioChip technology.
The move towards small assay volumes, high-density microplates and array pipetting requires the ability to aspirate and dispense minute amounts of samples and reagents. The nanopipetting device uses piezo technology and allows you to pipette volumes in the 10 to 700 nanolitre range. The system sets the industry standard for minimising waste volumes, saving you precious compounds and reagents.
The nanopipetting tips are equipped with both a liquid level detection system and individual z-movement for highly accurate pipetting. A variable spacing arm allows you to handle any plate or array format and by combining any number of standards tips, low volume option and nanopipetting devices on a 4- or 8-tip pipetting arm, you have a completely flexible liquid handling system.
Controlled by user-friendly liquid handling software, GEMINI Version 3.2, the
Nanopipetting Option provides the high performance standards you'd expect from a Tecan platform.