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January 22, 2008 | Customer News

The new Infinite® 200 NanoQuant is tailored for absorbance applications


Tecan is launching the Infinite® 200 NanoQuant, a highly sensitive absorbance instrument, at LabAutomation 2008, booth 305, 27-30 January in Palm Springs, USA. The instrument represents a simplified version of the standard Infinite 200 and is the first microplate reader to be developed specifically for absorbance applications with low volumes.


The Infinite 200 NanoQuant is available with Tecan’s new NanoQuant Plate™, a sensitive, quartz-based tool that can measure up to 16 samples simultaneously from just 2 μl sample volumes, and detect DNA concentrations as low as 1 ng/μl. The NanoQuant Plate is compatible with multichannel pipettes and gives high measurement reproducibility; it is also available for standard Infinite 200 instruments.

The Infinite 200 NanoQuant reader is available with quad4 monochromators™ (Infinite M200 NanoQuant) that provide high wavelength accuracy for endpoint measurements over the entire spectral range, or with new 260 and 280 nm filters (Infinite F200 NanoQuant) with a UV-stable coating that provide exact central wavelengths and narrower bandwidths.

The instrument can perform absorbance measurements with standard microplates (6- to 384-wells) as well as half-well 96-well plates, and is easy to run with the latest i-Control™ software that features tools for rapid DNA/RNA quantification. The Infinite 200 NanoQuant can be upgraded with the additional detection modes that are available with the standard Infinite 200 as required.

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