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This content is available also in other languages

June 28, 1999 | Customer News


TECAN has introduced the ULTRA, a new multi-functional microplate reader developed especially for life scientists working with very high throughputs. The ULTRA lets you choose between several fluorescence techniques as well as absorbance and luminescence modes, without having to change the optical system.

With years of TECAN expertise behind it, the ULTRA gives you precise readings every time, even at very low detection limits. This flexible reader can handle any plate format up to 1536 wells, for all techniques. It can read a 1536 well plate in less than a minute and so is ideal for very high throughput applications when you need results immediately.

Three axis positioning (x, y, z) allows you to select the best measuring conditions to suit different well shapes, sample volumes and assay types, giving outstanding sensitivity. Various filters are available for different applications, including special dichroic mirrors for Fluorescein, Europium and Cy5 dyes.

As with all TECAN modular instruments, the ULTRA can easily be integrated into robotic systems for full walk-away automation.