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October 18, 2005 | Customer News

Unique new QC tool qualifies and quantifies Tecan laser scanners

  The LaserCheck™ quality assurance tool from Tecan is a unique, solid-state diagnostic tool that ensures continued performance of Tecan's highly complex LS and LS Reloaded™ series of microarray scanners by comprehensively testing the optical, mechanical and electronic systems. LaserCheck operates a 45 minute, 100 point diagnostic test using a wide-spectrum fluorescent dye, which is resistant to laser bleaching, to check the multiple lasers present in the LS series scanners, and provides documented test verification in both electronic and hard copy formats.

LaserCheck increases the efficiency of routine testing by reducing the time taken to perform them, freeing resources for other activities. Its heightened sensitivity helps users to identify and troubleshoot operational problems, giving them more confidence in results and avoiding the false positives or false negatives often seen with standard scanner routines.

Each LaserCheck plate offers unlimited reuse and requires only annual recalibration, making it an economic option for development and production facilities, where the high performance and throughput requirements of scanners demand a quick and accurate quality assurance tool.

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