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September 22, 2005 | Customer News

REMP is currently installing a repository for biological samples at Pfizer

Oberdiessbach, Switzerland, September 22nd 2005 – REMP, a world leader in sample storage and innovative solutions in sample management and sample security, today announces the installation of a large scale automated repository for biological samples at Pfizer’s facility in Groton, CT, the REMP Bio Sample Store.

The REMP Bio Sample Store is the first automated storage and retrieval system of its size to hold samples at –80°C in combination with the famous REMP Tube Technology™. This unique system is based on proven and highly reliable sample storage concepts and is fully compatible with all other REMP products and consumables. The REMP Bio Sample Store can be used for a wide range of research applications; such as, genomics, proteomics, tissue banking, glycerol stocks and long-term storage of enzymes and other biological stock solutions. Additionally, there is the option to store samples at –20°C within the same storage system. This temperature allows for optimal storage conditions of temperature sensitive molecules not requiring the –80°C storage conditions.

The first REMP Bio Sample Store was developed jointly with Pfizer Global Research and Development, the R&D arm of Pfizer Inc and is able to store millions of samples, concurrently, at –80°C and –20°C under controlled dry air conditions to prevent frost build up. This storage unit has fully redundant Cooling and Robotic Systems, which allows service and maintenance to occur without any loss of system use or effect on the controlled storage environment. All moving parts, including the robot, operate at –20°C. REMP has successfully implemented this highly reliable, low temperature operational concept within a majority of their sample storage solutions currently deployed; including the REMP Automated Sample Store and REMP Mid-Size Store™. The integrated Tube Punching Module™ also ensures that cherry-picking or reformatting of samples always occurs at –20°C, within the Bio Sample Store, before being delivered “on-demand” to the user.

REMP is the global leader in the supply of large-scale automated storage and retrieval systems for sample management in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Compound management is a key foundation of the drug discovery and development process, as compound libraries represent one of the most important assets of life science companies. REMP products include systems, workstations, consumables and software applications for sample storage and retrieval, cherry-picking, climate control, plate replication and reformatting, powder dosing, vial weighing, tube capping and uncapping, thermal Page 2 of 3 sealing, and piercing. Founded in 1986, REMP today has over 140 employees worldwide. Headquartered near Berne, Switzerland, the company has subsidiaries in the USA, Germany and Japan. REMP joined the Tecan Group on July 1st, 2005.

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