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September 25, 2002 | Customer News

Tecan announces a major breakthrough in sample management and gravimetric analysis — Tecan’s Automated Weighing Stations

  • Increased efficiency of compound and sample management
  • Unrivalled speed, precision and ease-of-use  
  • Solutions for a wide range of weighing and dilution applications in the Life Sciences

Zurich, Switzerland, 27 September 2002 – Tecan, a leading player in the Life Science supply industry, today announced the introduction of Tecan’s Automated Weighing Stations. One of the most simple yet time-consuming tasks in many laboratories is the need to accurately weigh and dilute samples for use in downstream assay or sample analysis operations. Tecan now provides the perfect answer for laboratories working in compound logistics and management, inventory control, chemical synthesis, high throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicity (ADMET), and many other quality control areas of the Life Sciences where weighing and dilution are important. This includes many applications for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural, or food science industries.

Until now, all of the weighing and dilution for many types of samples had to be performed manually. The effort spent in performing these tasks can be a major cost in terms of time and resource utilization in many companies. To address these issues and to greatly increase the efficiency of compound and sample management operations, Tecan has developed a family of automation systems (Tecan Automated Weighing Stations) fully capable of performing many of the tasks associated with gravimetric analysis of samples. These automated systems can also be configured to perform dilution of solid samples with a wide variety of solvents to provide researchers with the ultimate in sample management capability.


The Tecan Automated Weighing Station Family of Products

These systems are based on the expanded capabilities of the Genesis Freedom Workstation and offer a wide range of options that can be configured for almost any customer requirement. The Tecan Automated Weighing Station systems are also unique in that they combine the ability to automate the weighing of samples in either tubes or microtiter plates (through the use of up to 2 integrated balances) with the ability to subsequent dilute samples in a solvent of choice. This unique capability, which is further enhanced by the system’s unrivalled speed, precision, ease of use, and flexibility, together deliver a highly valuable solution to the long-standing demand on resources of sample weighing and preparation.  
Robert Zambias, Product Manager at Tecan, commented:  “The introduction of Tecan’s new Weighing Station builds further on Tecan’s reputation as one of the top providers of cutting edge instruments for today’s high throughput laboratories and applications.  This instrument will make a huge difference to the speed and accuracy of weighing and gravimetric analysis in laboratories. The Weighing Station will save many personnel hours and increase the accuracy of many sample management operations.”

For more information about Tecan’s Automated Weighing Station product family, contact your local Tecan representative or visit the Tecan website at www.tecan.com.

Tecan (www.tecan.com) is a leading player in the fast growing Life Sciences supply industry that specializes in the development, production, and distribution of solutions enabling the discovery of pharmaceutical substances, as well as for genomics, proteomics, and diagnostics. Tecan clients are leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, university research departments and diagnostic laboratories. Founded in Switzerland in 1980, the company has manufacturing, research and development sites in both North America and Europe and maintains a sales and service network in 52 countries. In 2001, Tecan achieved sales of CH 361.9 million (USD 214.1 million; EUR 239.6 million).  Registered shares of Tecan Group are traded on the Swiss SWX stock exchange (TK: TECN / Reuters: TECZn.S / Valor : 1210019). 

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