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July 31, 2002 | Customer News

Tecan launches the HS 4800 Hybridization Station - the next step in automated microarray processing

  • High reproducibility, flexibility and outstanding performance for automated microarray processing
  • Process up to 48 microarray slides without the need for scheduling
  • Advanced features for genomic and proteomic applications

Zurich, Switzerland, 29 July 2002  - Tecan, a leading player in the Life Science supply industry, today announced the introduction of the HS 4800 Hybridization Station. The HS 4800 Hybridization Station is a fully automated microarray processing system that offers high reproducibility, flexibility and outstanding performance. The promise of miniaturization, automation and massive parallel analysis makes array technology a powerful tool with many applications in both industrial and academic settings. These applications range from gene expression profiling, gene regulation and pharmacogenomic studies up to the identification of new drug targets and toxicology studies. To serve these diverse areas, Tecan’s HS 4800 Hybridization Station is an easy-to-use solution that enables automated hybridization of microarrays on slides. The HS 4800 Hybridization Station has been designed to offer researchers improved reproducibility, superior performance and the throughput necessary to perform a wide range of applications.

This compact easy-to-use system provides a solution for medium to high throughput hybridization. Through its modular design, it is possible to easily combine one master system with three extension units (12 additional slides per unit) to process up to 48 slides using up to four different protocols in parallel if so desired. Incubations may be performed in the range 4-85oC. True parallel processing guarantees exact and reproducible incubation times.

The HS 4800 Hybridization Station offers pre-heating of reagents to prevent buffer precipitation, efficient liquid agitation and on-board slide drying to maximize the quality of results. Highly uniform liquid distribution ensures reproducibility for all washing steps. Optional barcode identification and a liquid level sensing system additionally improve the reliability of the process. Slide loading is facilitated by the use of Tecan's unique slide holders that permit four slides to be loaded simultaneously. These slide holders also enable seamless connectivity with the Tecan LS Series of Laser Scanners. The system also has been designed to allow future integration into fully automated robotic systems.

Easy-to-use software permits simple programming of application protocols and full process control of all slides in the HS 4800 Hybridization Station modules. This allows the user to quickly determine the status of the system, for example active slides, liquids in use, current processing step up to temperature and the remaining time left in the process.  By combining ease-of-use and flexibility with outstanding quality and performance, the HS 4800 Hybridization Station is the perfect solution for scientists demanding improved reproducibility and exceptional safety for automated microarray processing.

Jan Timmers, Head of the Business Area Biopharma at Tecan, remarked: “The HS 4800 Hybridization Station is an important addition to Tecan’s Gene Expression Suite. The Gene Expression Suite automates a full range of gene expression activities from microarray processing up to imaging, data analysis and the validation of gene expression in tissues by in situ hybridization.” He added: “ Our goal is to provide an integrated system that can enable many applications, cope with the diverse number of microarray formats and sizes, and deliver superior performance to our customers.”

In combination with the Genesis Robotic Sample Processor and LS Series Laser Scanner, the HS 4800 Hybridization Station offers researchers a complete solution for oligonucleotide-, cDNA-, protein- and antibody-based arrays and will help to overcome the automation bottleneck and the lack of reproducibility that currently restrict progress in modern functional genomic studies. By combining ease-of-use and flexibility with outstanding quality and performance, the HS 4800 Hybridization Station is the perfect solution for scientists demanding high reproducibility for automated microarray processing.

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