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December 9, 2002 | Customer News

Tecan launches Ultra Evolution - a multifunctional detection platform with fluorescence lifetime measurement capabilities

  • From absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence measurements to state-of-the-art fluorescence lifetime measurements  
  • Circumvents assay interference
  • Fluorescence lifetime measurement in the nanosecond time domain
  • Provides a wide range of applications for high throughput screening, secondary and confirmatory screening, assay development and target identification or lead discovery groups

Zurich, Switzerland, 9 December 2002 – Tecan, a leading player in the Life Science supply industry, today announced the further development of the highly successful Tecan Ultra microplate detection system by adding another detection technique – fluorescence lifetime.

The revolutionary Ultra Evolution instrument now offers all the detection modes of the existing Ultra family, with the high performance and reliability that you would expect from Tecan, plus fluorescence lifetime measurement capabilities for samples in microplates, making it unique and accessible to all screening laboratories. This instrument offers a wide range of applications that may be performed in diverse settings including: target identification or lead discovery groups, assay development groups, high throughput screening facilities, secondary and confirmatory screening groups, and contract research/screening companies.

By offering fluorescence lifetime as an additional detection mode, Tecan can offer scientists a further solution when their assay results are hindered by compound auto-fluorescence. Tecan has proved that the fluorescent signal from compounds can be distinguished from that of the label, even when it is present in excess and fluoresces at the same or similar wavelength as the label.

“To be able to offer screening laboratories the chance to reduce the number of false positives they see during a primary screen is a significant step forward,” commented Jan Timmers, Head of the Business Area Biopharma.  “We are constantly striving to improve our products and react to the real needs of the scientist at the bench.  This development addresses a critical bottleneck seen in assay development and HTS labs”.

Tecan is able to offer customers a choice of two laser excitation sources (red at 635 nm, blue at 440 nm) with the Fluorescence Lifetime module.
Also available with Ultra Evolution is true bottom reading detection. New optical systems have been added to the instrument, which now offers even more flexibility to users. With the increase in the number of cell-based assays and other assays that may not be read from the top of the well, the Ultra Evolution will become an even more powerful detection tool than before. With the new optical design, Tecan has retained the user-friendly “z” axis optimisation feature that scientists already use in top reading mode. Furthermore, a unique Multi-Check QC (Quality Control) plate will also be offered with the system. It offers absorbance, fluorescence intensity and fluorescence polarisation detection and accuracy checks, as well as a further plate transport positioning check function.

All round, the Ultra Evolution represents the best in microplate detection technology. The unique fluorescence lifetime module may even be added as an upgrade at a later date, should the needs of the customer change.

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