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October 8, 2002 | Customer News

Tecan to introduce new features for the Genesis FE500 Workcell

  • New options address the working needs of Tecan customers
  • More flexibility in front-end (pre-analytical) automation through enhanced modular system design
  • Tube inspection unit offers improved tube scanning capabilities
  • Measurements possible through fully labelled tubes (no window requirement)
  • Novel archiving system delivers improved options for sample storage

Zurich, Switzerland, 7 October 2002  – Tecan, a leading player in the Life Sciences supply industry, today announced that it will be introducing several new features for the Genesis FE500 Workcell towards the end of this year. The Genesis FE500 Workcell is a fully automated platform designed to meet the sample processing requirements of hospitals, research institutes and other clinical laboratories. The company is implementing new features in response to requests from customers who use the Workcell for a wide range of applications in front-end (pre-analytical) automation.

Tecan’s approach is to work in parallel with its clients to offer more options for existing laboratory automation solutions. The new features of the FE500 Workcell include improved flexibility through the introduction of a more modular system, a new tube inspection unit that offers superior attributes over existing sample volume measuring systems, and an improved archiving system that facilitates sample storage.  


Modular system

The new modular system will offer more options in the selection of modules for a perfect fit to the specific range of activities performed by each laboratory. This includes different options for the individual processing steps: specimen sorting; centrifugation; decapping; secondary tube labelling and aliquoting; serum volume verification; barcode labelling; and placing tubes in sample racks that originate from a wide variety of manufacturers.


Tube inspection unit

The new system offers users an improved tube inspection unit which scans the whole length of the tube to measure the exact liquid volume. Since detection is possible through the tube label, no window is necessary on sample tubes and the complete tube may be covered by barcode labels (up to 3 layers). This feature will also be available as an upgrade feature for existing users.


Improved archiving solutions

The new archiving options, which are implemented in the new system software, enable the full separation of sample from primary to secondary tubes. After sample volume measurement, labelled secondary tubes are prepared to receive the corresponding aliquots and the remnant sample for archiving. Tubes are then moved to defined unloading positions. Barcode labelling of each tube permits full tracking throughout the process. Some Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) will offer users even more flexibility.

Dr Klaus Tomasini from Laboratory “Dr. Philadelphy” in Innsbruck, Austria, commented: ”We can perform about 200 tests on a wide range of samples taken from around 1500 patients per day. For each primary sample tube we may need up to 8 secondary tubes for testing.” He added: “We have been using the new tube inspection unit from Tecan on the Genesis FE500 for some time. Our routine testing is now not only faster but significantly more reliable. The number of primary tubes that represent “samples in question” (SIQs), and which have to be re-examined, has been reduced considerably to less than 3% of the total tested.”

The introduction of new features for the Genesis FE500 is a prime example of how Tecan works closely with its customers to establish specific new system features. Through enhanced modular options, customers may select the elements necessary to enable the best sample processing strategy for managing an efficient clinical laboratory. This results in significant savings of valuable resources.  

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