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September 19, 2002 | Customer News

Tecan unveils the revolutionary ProTeam Product Suite at its Innovation Day in Munich, Germany

  • First automated platform capable of performing proteomics applications from cell growth all the way up to mass spectrometric analysis
  • New solutions target the key bottlenecks in proteomics research
  • Tecan implements business strategy to provide stand alone solutions, fully integrated systems and access options to develop enabling protocols
  • Breakthrough solutions provide direct route to clinically relevant disease targets and new drugs

Zurich, Switzerland, 19 September 2002 – Tecan, a leading player in the Life Science supply industry, today unveiled a suite of new products for the proteomics market at its Innovation Day held at Tecan Munich GmbH in Germany. For the first time, an automated proteomics platform was on display that performs applications from cell growth all the way up to mass spectrometric analysis. Until now, no automated suite of products has been available that meets the needs of academic and industrial proteomics researchers and which addresses the critical bottlenecks facing the proteomics industry.

Emile Sutcliffe, Chief Executive Officer of the Tecan Group, commented: “The launch of the ProTeam Product Suite at our second Innovation Day in Munich is a significant milestone in Tecan’s Proteomics business unit. Recognizing that the emerging market for Proteomics is singularly driven by advances in technology, Tecan has quickly positioned itself as a provider of revolutionary technologies that serve this important area of the Life Sciences.” He added: ”By introducing the ProTeam Product Suite, we are delivering on our promise to offer customers not only stand alone solutions for individual bottlenecks facing protein researchers but also fully integrated systems that perform many of the steps involved in protein separation, protein identification, and protein characterization.”

Through the expertise of scientists at its Proteomics facility in Munich, Tecan has identified the critical bottlenecks facing protein researchers including lack of sensitivity, insufficient reproducibility and low throughput. The bottlenecks also include insufficient resolution for the detection of low-abundance proteins and quantification of proteins and the need for standardized methods to prepare samples that reproducibly represent a proteome. Introducing solutions for these bottlenecks brings savings in resources and cost and opens up new opportunities for protein research. Only with advances in proteomics can scientists deliver the full benefits of genomic research and begin to turn that knowledge into new drugs and treatments for the many diseases that affect individuals worldwide.

Dr Christoph Eckerskorn, Chief Scientific Officer of Tecan Munich GmbH, remarked: “Proteins mediate most biological events and drug effects. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies need to elucidate protein function and interactions to discover and validate new drug targets, perform mode-of-action studies, and carry out pharmacological and toxicological investigations. Proteomics is also essential for the identification of biomarkers in toxicological and diagnostic studies.” He added: “By developing the ProTeam suite of products, we have been able to assemble automation systems for almost every task on the pathway of separating, purifying, and analyzing any protein or group of proteins likely to be encountered in a protein biochemistry setting. Moreover, these solutions are modular and give the customer flexibility in deciding which technologies are needed and where a particular component can be integrated into their system to meet individual needs.”

The new ProTeam suite of modular products is composed of solutions for Protein Fractionation,  Protein Identification and Protein Characterization. This includes systems for cell growth (including automated cell culture procedures), free flow electrophoresis (The ProTeam™ FFE for fractionation), automated 2D electrophoresis (ProTeam 2D), in-gel and in-solution protein digestion (ProTeam Protein Digest and Advanced Digest) and integrated liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (ProTeam LC/MS). In addition, systems are available for informatics, protein array processing and detection (HS 4800 Hybridization Station and LS series of laser scanners) and protein crystallization. The ProTeam FFE,  a fractionation technology that reduces the complexity of proteomes, and the ProTeam Protein Digest were launched earlier this year. The Advanced Digest will be launched shortly and remaining products in the suite will be introduced throughout the course of next year.

The introduction of the ProTeam Product Suite firmly establishes Tecan as a provider of a range of technological solutions that serve the Proteomics market.       

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