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January 15, 2002 | Customer News

The Genesis FE500 Workcell — an outstanding solution for automation of front-end (pre-analytical) laboratory procedures

  • Genesis FE500 Workcells installed worldwide exceeding customer expectations
  • Optimal continuity in the preparation of high quality samples
  • Exceptional use of laboratory space whilst supporting many functions

Significant increases in laboratory productivity

Zurich, Switzerland, 4 January 2002  – Tecan, a leading player in the fast-growing Life Sciences supply industry, announced today that the Genesis FE500 Workcell is proving to be a highly attractive option for its customers as an automated solution for front-end (pre-analytical) procedures. Pre-analytic processing is one of the most labor-intensive aspects of clinical laboratory testing and some estimates indicate that specimen processing accounts for up to 65% of the average total time spent by personnel on clinical laboratory procedures. To address the pre-analytical needs of its customers, Tecan offers the Genesis FE500 Workcell, a totally automated solution to meet the sample processing requirements of hospitals, research institutes and other clinical laboratories.

Pre-analytical processing includes a range of activities that must be performed before analytical testing and results reporting are carried out. The Genesis FE500 Workcell offers many functions to increase efficiencies and productivity in the laboratory including:  specimen sorting; centrifugation; decapping; secondary tube labelling; serum volume verification; aliquoting; barcode labelling; and placing tubes in sample racks that originate from a wide variety of manufacturers. The Genesis FE500 Workcell brings flexibility to customers allowing them to select analyzers of their choice. This is central to the concept of having a stepwise modular approach to laboratory automation as opposed to providing total solutions that limit the options of clinical diagnostic professionals.

Tecan works closely with its customers to select the best sample processing strategy for managing an efficient clinical laboratory. In doing so, the most suitable approach is developed to optimise the performance of both the Workcell and the pre-analytical processes involved in the handling of laboratory specimens. The Workcell supports both sequential and parallel processing of samples. The system is quickly installed and easily operated through its user-friendly software and graphical interface unit. Significantly, the Workcell enables laboratories to automate the most labor intensive and error-prone section of the laboratory. In addition, a specimen handling throughput of up to 500 tubes per hour is possible.

The Genesis FE500 Workcell was officially launched at the 2000 American Association of Clinical Chemistry meeting in San Francisco and is marketed in collaboration with Abbott, one of the leading providers of instrumentation to the Life Sciences industry. To complement Tecan’s technical support and services, Abbott also provides technical assistance worldwide.

Since its release, the Workcell has been used extensively in leading hospitals, research institutes and other clinical laboratories around the world. Professor Robin A Felder, Director of the University of Virginia’s Medical Automation Research Center, was one of the first people to test the Genesis FE500 Workcell in a research mode. He commented:” Tecan’s solution for the automation of pre-analytical offers distinct advantages including reliable specimen processing, reduced stress injury and errors, and an excellent initial investment for many laboratories interested in the benefits of laboratory automation.”  Professor Laurence M. Demers, Director of the Automated Testing Laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University, Hershey Medical Center was the first to evaluate and implement the FE500 at a clinical site in April 2000. He remarked: “ The FE500 has become an indispensable part of our specimen processing area and has allowed us to accommodate an increase in workload without adding more staff”. Further details concerning the performance capabilities of the Genesis FE500 Workcell will be described in an article soon to be published in the journal Clinical Chemistry.

Susan Goas, Senior Technical Specialist at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, commented: “Since the Genesis FE500 Workcell was installed in our laboratory for processing blood samples , we have seen a significant decrease in sampling handling errors compared to the manual processing that was used before installation of the Workcell. In addition, we can identify any samples that do not meet the test standards before they proceed to  analytical testing. This results in major savings for the hospital in both time and money.“

In 2002, it is planned to introduce a tube inspection unit for the Workcell which will provide a mechanism for measuring sample volumes and storing samples. This feature will also be available as an upgrade option for existing users of the Workcell.

The Genesis FE500 from Tecan is an excellent solution for a wide range of clinical laboratories that may have different needs for throughput in their pre-analytical laboratory area.

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