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September 1, 2006 | Customer News

Using Tecan's Freedom EVO® to produce a human genome-wide RNAi library

  Scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany, are using a Tecan Freedom EVO® Workstation to create a human genome-wide library of endoribonuclease-prepared (esi)RNAs, suitable for a range of academic applications.

"We are standardizing the esiRNAs using the Freedom EVO because high precision aliquoting is fundamental for a usable library," explained Dr Krausz, Head of the HT-Technology Development Studio at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics." Our integrated 96-channel Te-MO™ pipetting system rapidly and precisely aliquots our samples, ready for UV measurement of the esiRNA concentration and purity using a fully integrated Tecan GENios™ microplate reader. The standardized library is then assembled with the Freedom EVO liquid handling arm; each of the eight needles independently introduces the diluting medium and then adds appropriate quantities of the esiRNA mixture, according to instructions given by the LIMS, resulting in equal final volumes and concentrations of the various esiRNAs."

So far, the library has over 14,000 molecule mixtures available in the same concentrations in 384-well microtiter plates, suitable for switching off a corresponding number of human genes in cultured cells. Dr Krausz and his colleagues have also developed a robust and automated transfection method, using the Freedom EVO, to introduce the esiRNA molecules efficiently into human cancer cells under constant conditions.

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