Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solution

Laboratory Automation Solutions

With a broad range of features specifically designed to optimize the performance of cell-based and biochemical assays, Fluent enhances throughput, streamlines workflows and delivers more precise and reliable results. By simplifying the handling of precious samples and seamlessly integrating with cell biology devices, Fluent automates your complex assays for greater productivity and confidence.

TouchTools touchscreen interface

Daily operation is easy using Fluent’s built-in touchscreen that guides users with clear, graphical instructions and alerts, ensuring consistent operation and faster, more efficient runs.

Device integration for fully automated workflows

Below-deck arm access allows the seamless integration of cell-based assay peripherals—from incubators to readers—for a complete walkaway solution without increasing your instrument footprint.

Patented Dynamic Deck

Engineered to hold up to 72 plates, Fluent’s unique Dynamic Deck can be easily configured and reconfigured to suit your changing assay requirements.

Parallel arm movements for fast assay completion

Three task-specific arms move in parallel for optimum speed and efficiency, minimizing the time cells spend outside the incubator for more accurate, reliable results.

High-definition liquid handling

Exacting engineering ensures precision and accuracy over a wide dynamic range, from submicroliter to milliliter volumes. Tecan’s patented Adaptive Signal Technology precisely detects even small volumes, allowing the use of less reagent and sample for dramatic cost savings.

Touchscreen interface

Device integration

Patented dynamic deck

Parallel arm movements

Precision pipetting

The simple way to take the complexity out of cell biology research

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Accelerating your investigations

No matter what your area of cell-based assay research, Fluent can automate your entire workflow for greater throughput, more reliable results and faster discoveries.

Cell signaling

Signal transduction studies, cell-cell communications and research on intra-cellular pathways.

Reporter genes

Promoter structure, gene expression
and gene transformation/
transfection research.

Cellular health

Cytotoxicity, viability, proliferation
and apoptosis studies.

Fluent highlights

Touchscreen interface - easy, fast, consistent and efficient.

Exceptional ease of use

Fluent’s built-in touchscreen interface guides users through every task, making even the most sophisticated cell-based assays easy to run – ensuring fast, consistent, efficient operation.

Dynamic Deck™ - Industry leading deck capacity, below-deck access.

More functionality in less space

Fluent’s industry-leading deck capacity minimizes plate transfers and reduces the time cells are outside of the incubator. Below-deck arm access offers expanded functionality and device integration without extending the instrument footprint.

Optimized cell protection. Faster lid handling for minimum evaporation.

Optimized cell protection

Fluent’s three, task-specific robotic arms work in parallel for faster processing, and offer automated lid handling to maintain sterility and minimize evaporation.

Seamlessly integrate  all devices needed for cell biology research.

A complete walkaway solution

Fluent’s seamless integration with cell biology devices allows you to run every step of your workflow on a single instrument. From incubation to analysis, everything you need to store, transfer, manipulate and measure cellular samples has been brought together in a single, automated solution.

Tecan's portfolio of sterile consumables - everything from disposable tips to troughs.

Complementary consumables

Tecan offers a broad portfolio of sterile consumables ideal for cell-based research. From disposable tips to troughs, every product undergoes stringent testing to ensure the precision, consistency and purity you need for reliable, reproducible assay results.

Infinite® M1000 Pro plate reader supports all ANSI/SLAS standard microplates.

Exceptional performance from sample to results

Fluent integrates perfectly with the Infinite® M1000 PRO multimode plate reader, a detection platform that delivers outstanding flexibility, sensitivity and performance for every assay by offering free wavelength selection without the need of filters.

HydroSpeed™ - extra gentle wash settings to suit specific cells, microplates and applications.

Cell Protection™ throughout wash cycles

Tecan’s HydroSpeed™ plate washer features extra-gentle wash settings that you can adjust to suit specific cells, microplates and applications, enabling you to achieve reproducible results even with weakly adherent cells.

Integrated HEPA Hood maintains a clean environment and ideal conditions.

Ideal cellular conditions

A clean environment can be maintained inside Fluent with the integration of a HEPA hood, allowing cells to be kept under sterile conditions when needed.

Guide users through daily tasks -  embed SOPs.

Simplicity and consistency

The touchscreen interface guides users through daily tasks. Optionally embed SOPs for every method for consistent operation.

Easy setup and programming for complex cell-based assays.

Easy set up and operation

Programming and running even the most complex cell-based assays is quick and easy with FluentControl™ software.

Integrated user management enables enhanced process security.

Enhanced process security

Integrated user management controls method permissions. Operators can even set personalized favorites on the touchscreen.

Powerful liquid handling - change parameters for any liquid.

Powerful liquid handling

FluentControl offers robust default liquid definitions and makes it easy to change parameters for any fluid.

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Dynamic Deck™ allows for more plates, tubes and tips.

Industry-leading deck capacity minimizes plate transfers for optimum cell handling and protection.

Below deck device integration. Keeps footprint small.

Below deck device integration. Keeps footprint small.

Work more efficiently - parallel arm movements maximize throughput.

Parallel arm movements maximize throughput and minimize the time cells are outside the incubator.

Precision pipetting executes complex protocols.

Complete pipetting flexibility simplifies even complex custom protocols.

Pipetting flexibility - interchangeable 96-and 384-channel head adapter.

Automatically switch between 96- and 384-channel pipetting during the course of a run.

Path Finder™ technology - optimal routes for each arm.

Patented Path Finder™ technology automatically programs the fastest, most efficient route for every arm movement.

Increased process security - Carousel bar code reading and sample tracking.

Barcode reading ensures efficient sample tracking and enhanced process security.

Rapid pipetting with fast, efficient tip fetch.

Fast, efficient tip collection adds to the instrument’s unparalleled speed and precision.

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