Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solution

Laboratory Automation Solutions

Tecan has reinvented automation with Fluent, a unique instrumentation concept built around the application-specific needs of your laboratory. Fluent breaks new ground, delivering more capacity and increased speed. The platform provides superior precision, throughput and walkaway time—making it easier to get more done, more confidently.

TouchTools touchscreen interface

Daily operation is easy using Fluent’s built-in touchscreen that guides users with clear, graphical instructions and alerts, ensuring consistent operation and faster, more efficient runs.

Device integration for fully automated workflows

Below-deck arm access allows the seamless integration of cell-based assay peripherals—from incubators to readers—for a complete walkaway solution without increasing your instrument footprint.

Patented Dynamic Deck

Engineered to hold up to 72 plates, Fluent’s unique Dynamic Deck can be easily configured and reconfigured to suit your changing assay requirements.

Parallel arm movements for fast assay completion

Three task-specific arms move in parallel for optimum speed and efficiency, minimizing the time cells spend outside the incubator for more accurate, reliable results.

High-definition liquid handling

Exacting engineering ensures precision and accuracy over a wide dynamic range, from submicroliter to milliliter volumes. Tecan’s patented Adaptive Signal Technology precisely detects even small volumes, allowing the use of less reagent and sample for dramatic cost savings.

Touchscreen interface

Device integration

Patented dynamic deck

Parallel arm movements

Precision pipetting

Confidence comes from an instrument that is simply faster and more precise.

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Three independent, task-specific arms move in parallel

Faster, more streamlined workflows

Three independent, task-specific arms move in parallel to simultaneously and efficiently automate methods. Sample preparation, labware movement to peripheral devices and plate to plate or reagent additions can all occur in parallel – maximizing workflow performance.

Greater pipetting reliability and consistency

Greater pipetting reliability and consistency

Adaptive Signal Technology™, a new generation of liquid level sensing, enables use of smaller sample volumes, minimizes the risk of errors and provides exceptional automated error handling.

Next-generation liquid handling control

Next-generation liquid handling control

Fluent’s unique teach-free hardware and Path Finder™ move optimization technology deliver unmatched positional accuracy and precision for enhanced process security and peace-of-mind.

Seamless integration of complementary peripherals

More functionality in less space

With its industry-leading deck and below deck arm access, Fluent can accommodate multiple devices without expanding its footprint. Enjoy true walkaway operation with the seamless integration of complementary peripherals all fully managed by FluentControl™.

FluentControl™ software for easy programming and operation

Easy programming and operation

FluentControl™ software simplifies even the most challenging applications. Use drag & drop interfaces, 3D graphics, and single Smart Commands to distribute reagents or transfer samples.

Worklisting for greater speed and efficiency

Worklisting for greater speed and efficiency

Create everything from pipetting steps to hit picking processes in an Excel or text file and then run them with FluentControl software.

Touchscreen interface - easy, fast, consistent and efficient.

Exceptional ease of use and enhanced process security

Built-in touchscreen interface guides users through daily tasks for fast, consistent operation. Integrated user management including method permissions, ensures secure protocols and optimizes selection for each user.

Powerful liquid handling - change parameters for any liquid

Powerful liquid handling

FluentControl offers robust default liquid definitions and makes it easy to change parameters for any fluid.

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Within the USA for research use only. Not for clinical diagnostics.