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Agrigenomics: Tools for plant and animal breeding, fish and fowl

By Caroline Huber

The term genomics might at first lead you to think of the human genome and the new micro-industry subsectors it has spawned, from prenatal genetic screening for heritable diseases (and one day perhaps to select for "desirable" traits) to companion diagnostics for personalized medicine, and nutraceuticals targeted to correct imbalances in the gut microbiome.Those same types of genomic applications and many, many more can translate directly to the plant and animal world, in which agrigenomic technology is transforming traditional approaches to breeding of commercial species and monitoring and protection of wild populations.

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CRISPR: editing the drug discovery workflow

By Caroline Huber

Gene editing is crucial to pharmaceutical development, and the latest and hottest development, CRISPR-Cas9 promises to revolutionize the role gene editing plays in drug discovery and even therapeutics.

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