9-Delta Analytical LLC in California provides independent forensic and clinical toxicology testing services for academic research groups, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies across the USA and Canada. Focusing mainly on human samples, the company uses numerous analytical techniques to screen for a wide range of legal and illicit drugs.

9-Delta Analytical was founded in the midst of a global pandemic to offer research groups and industry partners a reliable service for drug testing at a time when a majority of laboratory resources were dedicated to tackling COVID-19. Co-founders Dr Christine Moore and Cindy Coulter used their many years of expertise to design the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Ontario, California, drawing on numerous industry contacts to build a thriving bioanalytical laboratory from scratch in a very short timeframe. Christine explained: “Prior to establishing 9-Delta, I was the Chief Toxicologist in the rapid diagnostics division of a major industry player and had extensive experience in coordinating laboratory tests for drugs in blood and oral fluid specimens, including from multiple roadside surveys. I was therefore very aware that, tragically, the opioid and cannabinoid crises are still very much present in the USA but have somewhat slipped under the radar over the last couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

26_a_dream_team_for_bioanalytical_drug_testing_0220229-Delta co-founders Christine Moore and Cindy Coulter

“Despite this global emergency, many research groups still needed to track substance abuse, primarily opioids and cannabinoids, and how these drugs interact with prescribed medications and treatments. These groups often do not have sufficient facilities or manpower to perform their own sample screening, instead relying on private bioanalytical companies to conduct bodily fluids testing. What makes 9-Delta unique is that we focus on human biological samples, using cutting-edge techniques – such as headspace gas chromatography with flame ionization detection (HS-GC-FID) and LC-MS/MS – to screen oral fluid and whole blood for drugs and alcohol in a collaborative process. Our aim is to work in partnership with academic researchers, running long-term bioanalytical projects and providing reliable and verified results to support their in-house projects.”

Cindy, a former toxicology laboratory manager, highlighted the unforeseen benefits to starting up a new facility during the COVID-19 pandemic: “It was actually a good time for us to launch our new laboratory, because we had the opportunity to find an investor and focus on the infrastructure of our business, without having the pressure of any specific projects looming over us. We were able to devote our time to completing the laboratory build, setting up the instrumentation and validating our methods. We could also reach out to our existing industry contacts and make connections with potential clients. For a long time, funding for many research projects was held back due to the pandemic. But now these funds are finally starting to be released, so researchers are ready to go, and we’re perfectly poised to help them hit the ground running.”

9-Delta has already racked up an impressive list of completed projects and is currently embarking upon product performance, recovery and stability studies for industrial clients. The analytical workflow for each project typically begins with a solid phase extraction of the samples, which is currently performed with a Resolvex® A100 positive pressure workstation. Christine continued: “We had both used Tecan products for over 16 years in our previous roles, and they are the best ones that we have found. The semi-automated Resolvex instrument gives us more flexibility, and allows us to process smaller sample sets to match project requirements. We really appreciate that you can program all the flow, pressure and column settings to your needs, removing the human error and producing extremely reproducible results. Because it’s semi-automated, it also increases our workflow by enabling us to maximize our time; you can go and do something else while it’s running, and that’s really handy when you’re a small company. It was a good decision to go with Tecan.”

The semi-automated Resolvex instrument gives us more flexibility... removing the human error and producing extremely reproducible results.

“The sales and technical teams were great in helping us to get set up, they really went above and beyond,” Christine added. “Tecan was very keen to help out a small, women-owned start-up, and did everything it could to get our business in the door and off the ground. The Resolvex has been very reliable, and whenever we have a query or an issue, the staff are quick to respond and always know exactly how to fix it.”


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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