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HS 4800 Hybridization Stations boost microarray consistency

Researchers in the Netherlands choose Tecan for their microarray processing service.

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Fishing for genetic information

Tecan’s HS 4800™ Pro Hybridization Station gives salmon researchers the high throughput efficiency they need.

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The LS Reloaded™ laser scanner brings flexibility to microarray development

Edinburgh group develops multiplex assays for blood grouping and infectious diseases.

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Bringing FISH home

Researchers at Medarex in California, USA, have semi-automated their hybridization process for FISH analyses with the HS 400™ Pro Hybridization Station from Tecan, allowing in-house screening of all their transgenic mouse strains.

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MicroRNA expression profiling of carcinomas of unknown origin

Tecan’s HS Pro series enables full automation of microarray hybridization experiments with minimal handling of solutions and slides

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Automating hybridization of protein biochips improves biomarker discovery

Protagen AG, based in Dortmund, Germany, provides protein analysis, proteomics and bioinformatics tools and services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The company develops and produces special protein arrays for both antibody characterization (the UNIchip®) and biomarker discovery, and depends on two Tecan HS 4800™ Pro Hybridization Stations for automated processing of these biochips.

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Improving quality and throughput of assays for genomic and proteomic research in South Africa

The Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research (CPGR) has several Tecan instruments for automated processing of multiple batches of microarrays simultaneously, including an HS 4800™ Pro Hybridization Station with the new QuadChamber™ and a HydroFlex™ system.

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