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Selected category: Quality Assurance

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Creating a Rosetta Stone for certification

Following on from the successful ISO certification of our UK, French, German and Benelux organizations, Tecan is now working towards a company-wide matrix certification, to ensure that our organizations around the world are working in the same way, and are collectively striving to improve the services our business offers.

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China embraces a whole new dimension in blood safety

Blood safety is a serious concern for countries worldwide and China is no exception to this. For many years commercial blood donation has been prohibited in China, and the Government has adopted a systematic approach to continually improving blood quality, from the initial donation through to collection, transportation, screening and finally, transfusion in a hospital.

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Quality matters: audits as a learning platform

Quality audits are a requirement of ISO certification, and are performed to verify that standards are being conformed to by reviewing objective evidence. Tecan has introduced an internal training program for quality auditors, helping to maintain the Company's high quality standards and customer satisfaction.

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Working for ISO accreditation around the world

Following the successful ISO certification of our manufacturing sites, work is already under way to implement similar high standards in all of Tecan’s organizations around the world. The first sales organization, Tecan France, has now been certified according to ISO 13485, an international standard intended for medical device companies.

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Datasweep cleans up customer complaint handling

A new initiative has been launched at Tecan to revolutionize the handling of customer complaints and help us to respond more quickly to our customers’ questions and suggestions.

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A meeting of quality minds!

As part of our continued commitment to excellent quality and regulatory compliance, Tecan has started a new initiative of holding regular quality review meetings with many of its partner companies and customers. The overall goal of the new initiative is to improve quality at every level of operation, to harmonize the processes shared between Tecan and our customers and, above all, to improve the relationship we have with them.

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Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Standardization and regulatory compliance are of critical importance for Tecan and its customers so, over the last few years, we have concentrated on implementing the newest ISO standards - ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 - into all of our manufacturing sites; in Switzerland, Austria, Tecan SCC in Mainz, Germany, and in Tecan Systems in California.

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