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Selected category: Service and Consumables

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Clever tip packaging to save on space and waste

Nested MCA™ 96 disposable tips from Tecan are now routinely used at Roche, Switzerland, not least due to the savings on space and waste compared to conventional disposable tips.

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Our reliable service partner

Nycomed ensures reliable operation of all Tecan instruments used in its pharmaceutical research and development with Te-Care™ Complete service contracts.

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Service laboratory benefits from Tecan’s support

The reliability of Freedom EVO® workstations, supported by Tecan’s excellent customer service, copes easily with high throughput liquid handling for various research projects

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Perfecting our disposable tips for optimal performance

Tecan’s conductive disposable tips are no ordinary consumable, but highly specialized, custom-developed tips from Eppendorf, perfectly designed for Tecan’s automated Genesis and Freedom EVO® series liquid handling instruments. Each tip is individually inspected using Eppendorf’s state-of-the-art technology to ensure it meets Tecan’s exact requirements, giving customers complete confidence in every pipetting step.

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