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Selected category: Veterinary

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Reliability diagnosing cattle diseases

A Freedom EVO® 150 workstation is providing the Central Diagnostic Laboratory at SAC Consulting with reproducible and reliable ELISA-based screening for Johne’s disease and other bacterial and viral pathogens in cattle. The system has increased the laboratory’s throughput by three-fold compared to manual processing, to an average of 1,000 samples a day.

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On the outlook for veterinary disease

The Russian Federal Center for Animal Health is using a suite of Tecan workstations to automate various aspects of its ELISA- and PCR-based diagnostic testing operations, as well as the manufacture of a range of diagnostic ELISA kits. With eight Freedom EVO® platforms, plus a number of readers, washers and microarray instruments, the Center relies on Tecan automated solutions to help guarantee the quality and reliability of its work.

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Boosting capacity for veterinary testing

The Veterinary Laboratory for the Pennsylvania department of Agriculture, USA, uses a Freedom EVO® 150 workstation to test for Johne’s disease, a contagious, chronic and potentially fatal paratuberculosis infection of the small intestine in tuminants.

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Pushing back boundaries with ultra-low volume pipetting

The Novartis Animal Health Research Center has invested in an automated compound logistics system to aid drug discovery, taking advantage of the exceptional pipetting capabilities of the MultiChannel Arm™ 384.

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High stakes laboratory Automation

Horse racing is an immensely popular sport worldwide and, with huge sums of money riding on the results, maintaining the integrity of racing is crucial for jockeys, trainers, owners and racegoers alike, as is protecting the health of the sport's valuable thoroughbred horses. In France, the Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques is taking advantage of Tecan's Freedom EVO® platform to prepare samples for analysis by mass spectrometry in the battle to keep racing clean.

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