Ralf Griebel, Head of the Partnering Business Division

The importance of trust in OEM partnerships

Choosing a partner that offers comprehensive OEM services opens up a whole new world of possibilities for healthcare companies planning their next complex development. Partnering is an opportunity to consolidate knowledge and resources, combining the industry experience and capabilities of both companies to facilitate entry into a new market, support the growth of an existing business or gain market share in an emerging sector.

Ralf Griebel, Head of the Partnering
Business DivisionRalf Griebel, Head of the Partnering Business Division

At the end of the day, the products that result from the partnership will have your company name on them and your reputation attached, so it is imperative that you find a partner that aligns with your values, is communicative and listens to your organization’s needs. The partnership needs to be built on a strong foundation of technical expertise, application knowledge and manufacturing capabilities, but also on trust and transparent communication, which are soft traits much more difficult to measure.

Tecan’s Synergence™ OEM services bring together the expertise, technologies and scalability that customers need to fulfill their lab automation requirements. Crucially, we believe that a partnership does not end at the launch of a product, and we aim to continually support the success of our partners’ businesses. This includes ongoing support throughout a product’s lifetime, from training and comprehensive lifecycle management to expert regulatory support and field servicing that exceeds your customers’ expectations. Our goal is to lead the way in automation, and we back this up with our core values – ambition, highest standards and trust – that are not necessarily written into contracts. This is why so many companies in the IVD sector choose to have long-term partnerships with Tecan.


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