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Automated multiplex assays offer novel newborn screening solution

Tecan is collaborating with Luminex® Corporation to develop an innovative, automated newborn screening solution designed to rapidly identify potential health issues in infants. Luminex’s Luminex 200™ instrument with xMAP® technology is being integrated with Tecan’s Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform and HydroFlex™ washer to create the 996x™.

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A boost for sequencing workflows

Tecan has been working with Applied Biosystems, part of Life Technologies Corporation to develop an off-the-shelf system for automated bead washing, based on a Freedom EVO® 75 workstation equipped with a Te-MagS™ separation module.

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New partnership with FortéBio for bioprocessing and drug discovery assays

Tecan and FortéBio have worked together to integrate the new FortéBio Octet® 384 platform on the Freedom EVO® workstation for automated real-time, label-free assays to support bioprocessing and drug discovery workflows. Tecan has collaborated with FortéBio to deliver a robust, off-the-shelf integration that allows the user to get the most out of the Octet 384, allowing increased walkaway time as well as optional liquid handling for assay plate set-up.

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