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Selected category: Forensics

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Perfect chemistry

Italy’s Reparto Investigazioni Scientifiche has invested in an HID EVOlution™ to aid analysis of DNA from crime scene samples, providing the process security that is essential in any forensic science laboratory.

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Building a case of precision pipetting

The DNA Section of the Orange County Crime Laboratory has recently taken delivery of its first Air LiHa equipped Freedom EVO®workstation for DNA quantitation and amplification reaction set-up.

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Bespoke forensics

Two Freedom EVO® platforms are speeding up processing of DNA evidence at the Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory, improving efficiency and helping staff to eliminate a six month backlog of cases since coming online.

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A turnkey solution for forensic identification

Genia Geo has chosen Tecan’s HID EVOlution™ system as part of its comprehensive forensic identification services for governments around the world. This one-stop solution encompasses everything from designing and building laboratories to training crime scene investigators and judges, and revolves around Tecan and Life Technologies’ fully validated, walkaway set-up for robust genetic identification.

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Automation of DNA analysis boosts the fight against crime

The DNA Analysis group at the Hessen Landeskriminalamt in Germany has automated DNA trace analysis with the HID EVOlution™ System, increasing throughput ofcrime samples, providing results in approximately three days and improving the quality of analysis.

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Cracking forensic workloads

A Freedom EVO workstation is helping forensic scientists to cope with a backlog of samples.

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Automated forensic testing tackles casework backlog

The Nebraska State Patrol Crime Laboratory has chosen the HID EVOlution™ System to automate its forensic DNA testing and, after a smooth installation and validation, is eagerly anticipating it will help to reduce the existing nine month casework backlog.

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Genetic fingerprinting of crime scene samples

Forensic scientists at the Landeskriminalamt police office in Stuttgart, Germany, have commissioned a semi-automated sample processing system from Tecan to handle about 20,000 crime scene samples it receives annually for genetic fingerprinting.

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