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Selected category: Sample Management

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Managing thousands of samples for answering ancestry questions

The Texas-based company Family Tree DNA provides genealogy testing for people who are researching their family trees and is currently heavily involved with the Genographic Project1 mapping human migration patterns over time.

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First – 80 °C biobank - Pfizer success story

This new automated storage and retrieval system from REMP is a key component of Pfizer’s biobank and is a result of customer-focused collaboration leading to state-of-the-art storage solutions.

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Sample management for pharmaceutical research in Japan

Pharmaceutical research scientists at Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) rely on Tecan’s Genesis RWS™ workstations and REMP Tube Punching Module™ (TPM) for their sample management, to handle the enormous number of compounds with pharmaceutical potential that are being studied in their laboratory.

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Managing worldwide compound delivery with REMP technology

As a result of the relentless pace of today’s drug discovery, pharmaceutical companies face ever-increasing throughput demands for compound screening and lead identification. Many pharmaceutical companies have active screening libraries that contain hundreds of thousands or millions of compounds, and effective and reliable management of these samples is critical to drug development processes.

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Managing lead optimization compounds with REMP technology

Tecan Journal 03_2006 Managing lead optimization compounds with REMP technology.pdf

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