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Solution-based chemistry combined with flexible automation is the game changer for Nucleic Acid Purification

By Adrian Cortes Sanchon

Collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation. An ongoing collaboration between Tecan, manufacturer of robust, high-quality liquid handling automation systems, its partner, Macherey-Nagel, developer of nucleic acid extraction kits, and their customer, a research group from Jülich Research Center, in Germany, is proving to create fertile ground for innovation and sustainable solutions. At the core of this successful collaboration is the automated extraction of nucleic acids, in this case plasmids. 

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Four disruptive trends that are shaping the future of clinical diagnostics

By Markus Vogler

The world of diagnostics, like so many other industries, is entering what leaders in the World Economic Forum are calling the fourth industrial revolution. Digitalization, robotization and automation have given rise to highly flexible “smart factories” as well as laboratories that can handle both routine/high volume analyses and highly customized analyses at competitive prices. This is coupled with an ongoing integration of the entire value chain – from subcontractor to customer.

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