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Tecan Journal

Selected issue: 1/2006

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More power to your workstation with Freedom EVOware®

Freedom EVOware lets you take control of your lab workflow and protocols, combining both pipetting actions and scheduling in a single package. Available in Standard or Plus versions, Freedom EVOware is designed to grow with the size of your workstation and provide simple instrument control for your complex needs.

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Training brings the World together

At Tecan, we pride ourselves on an excellent reputation for training and, in the past year, our expertise in this area has helped to develop and encourage good relations with regulatory authorities and governing bodies all over the World.

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Bioser Medikal places eight Freedom EVOlyzers® in Turkey

Throughout 2005, the Company has placed no fewer than eight Freedom EVOlyzer 100/4 at five different sites in Turkey, and Bioser’s Freedom EVOlyzer team has implemented over 15 different assays from renowned reagent manufacturers.

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Watch out this year for new developments from the Tecan pipeline

Tecan’s new Pressure Monitored Pipetting (PMP) tool is an independent option for Freedom EVO® platforms that brings a number of benefits to biopharma applications, including DNA extraction and screening assays. With PMP, the pipetting quality can be observed online for both aspirations and dispensations, and faults including tip leakage, bubbles, occluded tips or inappropriate dispensed sample volumes can quickly be detected.

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Tecan and REMP – the perfect synergy

In June 2005, the Tecan Group of companies acquired REMP. Bernhard Iseli, COO of REMP and an employee for four years, talks about the change of direction for REMP now that it is part of the Tecan Group.

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Automated genomic DNA extraction from buccal cells with Invitrogen’s ChargeSwitch® Technology

Extracting genomic DNA (gDNA) from
buccal swabs or pelleted mouthwashes is extremely useful as a quick, non-invasive technique for collection and isolation of DNA. This method is used for DNA extraction in many applications, including genotyping, detection of disease markers and for comparison to crime scene samples.

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From primary blood to DNA – fully automated DNA extraction

The Department of Human Genetics at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center provides care for patients and families with hereditary diseases, and performs ground-breaking research into the relationship between genes and diseases. The main areas of interest for the Center’s DNA laboratory are hereditary cancers, kidney disease, hereditary deafness and blindness, mental retardation and neuromuscular disease, including mitochondrial disorders.

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