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Tecan Journal

Selected issue: 3/2007

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Automated protein in-gel digestion for MALDI-TOF-MS

In-gel digestion is a major bottleneck for large scale proteome analyses and is therefore a prime candidate for automation. The Proteomics Group at the Max Planck Institute (MPI), Göttingen, in collaboration with Tecan, has developed an innovative automated solution based on Tecan liquid handling workstations.

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Managing thousands of samples for answering ancestry questions

The Texas-based company Family Tree DNA provides genealogy testing for people who are researching their family trees and is currently heavily involved with the Genographic Project1 mapping human migration patterns over time.

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Clever use of color Clever use of color Clever use of color Clever use of color Clever use of color Clever use of color

Under the seventh amendment to the EU cosmetics directive, the cosmetic industry is obliged to phase out most animal experiments for cosmetic ingredients by March 2009. Cosmital SA, a research division of Wella AG and part of Procter & Gamble, is using innovative artificial human skin models to develop and validate new methods with the goal of replacing animal testing, and relies on Tecan’s Infinite™ M200 microplate reader for many of its assays.

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High throughput screening (HTS) systems at Boehringer Ingelheim

The Tecan Integration Group (TIG) is currently putting together Boehringer Ingelheim’s third fully automated TRAC™-based screening system to meet the growing throughput needs of the screening laboratories at its principal research site in Biberach, Germany.

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Processing 15 million aliquots to support future medical research

UK Biobank is using 11 Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstations to process thousands of samples each day in preparation for a long-term initiative aimed at improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of serious and life-threatening illnesses, including cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis and forms of dementia.

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Automated blood pooling ensures safe PCR diagnostics

The Blood Donor Center in Halle, Germany, is using the Freedom EVO® Clinical 150 with integrated Te-PoolSafe™ module for safe and reliable automated pooling of blood for subsequent PCR-based testing, ensuring that blood products are free of infection.

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Supplying DNA to support worldwide medical research

At the Coriell Institute for Medical Research, the Coriell Cell Repositories serve the needs of the entire scientific research community by maintaining the world’s largest collection of human cell lines. Scientists there are using a Freedom EVO® 150 liquid handling workstation to prepare DNA from these cells, to distribute to research scientists investigating human disorders worldwide.

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Painting a picture of gene expression throughout the mouse brain

Scientists at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, USA, have recently completed the Allen Brain Atlas, a threedimensional map detailing the expression of over 21,000 genes throughout the mouse brain. This comprehensive, three-year study depended on five Tecan GenePaint™ systems for the automated in situ hybridization of gene probes in hundreds of thousands of brain sections, providing patterns of expression for every gene down to the cellular level. The atlas is freely available at www.brain-map.org.

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Freedom EVO® Clinical 75, now available for nucleic acid testing / Quality and quantity control for pooling of clinical samples

Now available for nucleic acid testing / Tecan has recently completed its first installation of a Freedom EVO Clinical liquid handling workstation combined with the Te-PoolSafe™ option and the Pressure Monitored Pipetting (PMP) option, controlled by Freedom EVOware Sample Oriented software.

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Three-in-one platform for automated filtration, separation and plate washing

Tecan’s HydroFlex™, the compact 3-in-1 application platform for automated vacuum filtration, magnetic bead separation and microplate washing, provides increased productivity and reliable results by automating a range of 96-well format applications, including PCR clean-up and bead assays, ELISAs, cell assays and protein arrays.

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Enhance your crystallography with the new CrysScreen™ 2.0 software / Work starts on the largest monoclonal antibody production facility in the Southern hemisphere

An upgraded version of the software offers a number of user-friendly improvements in the management of protein crystallography trials.

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Tecan’s new QuadChamber™ is validated for use with Agilent’s 4-pack Microarrays

Tecan has recently developed the QuadChamber for fully automated processing of four different microarrays simultaneously on one slide, using the HS Pro™ automated hybridization station.

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