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Selected issue: 3/2015

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Tecan’s D300e offers fast liquid transfer down to picoliter levels

Tecan has introduced the D300e Digital Dispenser* for applications that need faster, reliable dispensing down to picoliter volumes. This innovative, simple-to-use device is ideal for the creation of assay plates, and can cut set up times from hours or days to just minutes. Users can choose between dispensing aqueous solutions in combination with a surfactant – for the investigation of proteins, antibodies, enzymes and nucleic acids – and DMSO, for small molecule studies, offering greater flexibility for life sciences workflows.

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Walkaway batch processing for the Spark™ 10M

The Spark 10M multimode reader can now be combined with the Connect™ microplate stacker to offer semi-automated batch processing of up to 50 assay plates. A newly developed software interface allows seamless operation of the Connect stacker through the reader’s SparkControl™ software, helping to streamline your laboratory workflow for greater productivity.

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Automating NGS protocols for a wide range of sample types

PTP’s Genomics Platform has automated all the steps from DNA/RNA extraction to the preparation of sequencing pools. Using three Freedom EVO® platforms, comprehensive automated workflows ensure high quality data and complete sample traceability, with a daily throughput of up to 288 genomic DNA samples.

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Driving oncology drug development forward

The HP D300 Digital Dispenser has enabled Translational Drug Development in the USA to automate its workflows, increasing sample throughput and the number of cell line panels handled, as well as enhancing workflow efficiency.

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Genomics solutions for marine biology

A Freedom EVO® platform is helping scientists at Italy’s Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, one of the world’s top marine biology and ecology research institutions, to provide a range of automated genomics services for marine biologists.

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Automated PBMC isolation for biobanking

Since its inception in 2008, IBBL has been a biobanking pioneer, developing a high quality repository of samples to support biomedical research into a variety of diseases.

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Human genetics – mapping the future of medicine

Human genetics and drug discovery are now inextricably linked, with large pharmaceutical companies, small biotech and even academic laboratories turning to sequencing data to identify potential targets for new therapies. But is this information being used to the best effect? And does genetic testing have a role to play in helping today's patients as well as tomorrow’s? Dr Pierre-Alain Menoud, Scientific Manager for Molecular Diagnostics at Unilabs in Lausanne, Switzerland, discusses the potential benefits of genetic testing for both the understanding and treatment of disease.

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Accelerating results from bench to bedside

The direct digital dispensing capabilities of the HP D300 are helping to identify potential new treatments for acute lymphoblastic leukemia at University Children’s Hospital Zurich. By enabling picoliter drug volumes to be dispensed straight into cell-based assay plates, the system is helping researchers to rapidly test novel drug combinations directly in patient-derived leukemia cells.

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A personal touch for wine microbiology

The Wine Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology Laboratory at the University of Adelaide has developed a customized solution offering fully automated sampling for yeast fermentations.Based on a Freedom EVO® 200 platform, this system frees researchers from the need to manually aliquot samples day and night for up to three weeks.

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Designer proteins

Researchers at the University of Montreal have benefitted from Tecan’s collaboration with SciRobotics to automate DNA assembly protocols for synthetic biology. Combining a Freedom EVO® 200 with a Pickolo™ Colony-Picker and various other components, the Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology Research Unit has built a streamlined cloning workflow with increased throughput and reliability.

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Off-the-shelf NGS library prep for Ion Torrent™ sequencing

The Leiden University Medical Center has integrated the Freedom EVO® NGS workstation into its molecular diagnostic testing and clinical research workflows. Taking advantage of this preconfigured solution, the center was quickly able to commission the platform for routine testing, while still having the flexibility to develop new protocols and conduct research studies.

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Fingerprinting food

Surveillant provides rapid and reliable screening methods to help food and beverage manufacturers monitor their products and raw materials. Using an Infinite® M1000 PRO, the company has developed a simple, low cost method of ‘fingerprinting’ products based on their intrinsic fluorescence, providing a rapid screening technique to help detect counterfeit or adulterated foodstuffs.

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A new kind of biobanking

University Hospital Regensburg has taken advantage of the open architecture of the Freedom EVO® workstation, creating a seamless connection between its routine diagnostics and biobanking activities. Working in partnership with the hospital’s Institute for Laboratory Medicine and Transfusion Medicine and diagnostic instruments provider, the Tecan Integration Group has developed a bespoke solution which offers fully automated preparation of samples for both biobanking and offline secondary testing.

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Automating the development of aptamer-based biological tools

The Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie is investigating a variety of innovative aptamer-based applications, and depends on two Freedom EVO® platforms for reliable automation of its selection and production processes.

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Automation helps enhance diagnostics protocols

The Molecular Biology Department at Colombia’s Laboratorio Clinico Medico Colcan is using a Freedom EVO® 150 liquid handling platform to automate its nucleic acid extraction and real-time PCR protocols, offering increased flexibility and helping to improve sample throughput.

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Cavro® ADP a hit with Chinese in vitro diagnostic customers

Chinese company DaAn Gene has integrated the Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) into its new generation of molecular diagnostic instruments, bringing the advantages of Tecan’s liquid pipetting expertise to blood banks and infectious disease laboratories in China.

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Explore virtual components with the new Tecan Cavro® app

Customers can now explore the Tecan Cavro range of liquid handling components on the go, with the launch of the Tecan Cavro Components app. This straightforward, web-based application – available for PCs or iPads® – combines the existing Cavro Omni Robot Configurator with interactive 3D models of key products from the Tecan Cavro range.

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Novel ELISA offers improved diagnosis for myasthenia gravis

IBL International’s MuSk-Ab ELISA is proving invaluable for the diagnosis and monitoring of ‘seronegative’ myasthenia gravis (MG). This test is the world’s first commercially available, non-radioactive assay for the detection of auto-antibodies against the muscle-specific receptor tyrosine kinase (MuSK), and is helping to improve diagnostic confidence and aid clinical management of these patients.

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Tecan @ AACC 2015

The clinical community enjoyed another successful AACC exhibition, giving delegates from around the world the opportunity to learn about the latest developments for clinical research and diagnostics.

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