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Selected category: IVD instrument development

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Automated diagnostics systems launch: 5 steps to revenue acceleration

By Nick Smith

Ready to launch – or are you?

The development phase of your new automated system is coming to an end. You’ve fine-tuned your IVD instrument with the help of your Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) partner, tested it thoroughly with your enthusiastic early access customers, and you’re all pretty confident that it will exactly meet the application needs of evolving diagnostic market trends. Your investors are eager to see how it performs, and you are anxious to kick-start revenue generation. It’s time to launch.

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From good enough to great: An iterative approach to IVD product development

By Yves Wurmitzer

From top global instrument makers to smaller startups, life science companies face a challenge when developing and launching new IVD products in a fast-paced market. How do you create a product that meets market needs without overdeveloping it? You want a development effort that keeps costs in a profitable range while still delivering value to your customers. And you want to launch your new product within a window of time that makes it unique on the market.

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Why IVD system project launches fail

By Andreas Scheidegger

Introducing a new in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) lab automation solution can add an entirely new dimension to your existing product portfolio and business. Launching a complete system that provides harmony between chemistry and assay workflow, instrumentation, software analysis and reporting is a complex endeavor that demands careful planning and execution. 

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