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Chewing the challenges: 5 steps to robust saliva testing for female hormones

By Nastya Yeska

Saliva-based tests are a reliable and proven method for measuring female hormone levels, as well as being highly accurate and painless for the patient.¹ This article takes you through five key steps to consider when setting up saliva-based testing for measuring and monitoring female hormone imbalance.

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Diagnostic saliva hormone testing provides alternative to needles

By Magali Fischer

Steroid analysis using a saliva sample first appeared in the scientific literature more than 40 years ago.1 Now, as then, saliva sampling presents an attractive alternative to blood testing because it is non-invasive, easily repeatable, can be performed in settings that may not be conducive to blood sampling, and is less stressful and more convenient for patients.

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Spitting out the facts: saliva testing for female hormone imbalance

By Nastya Yeska

Female hormone levels have been measured using blood tests for decades.1  However, blood sampling is costly, invasive, and often logistically difficult, so there is a shift towards the adoption of tests based on more convenient and cost-efficient sample types, such as saliva. Saliva-based tests are considered a reliable and proven method for measuring female hormone levels, as well as being highly accurate and painless for the patient.1 In this blog series, we look at how saliva testing for female hormone imbalance is changing the clinical diagnostics landscape, and positively impacting women’s health across the globe.

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Women’s health and the advantages of saliva hormone testing

By Nastya Yeska

Women are affected by the ever-changing levels of their female sex hormones throughout all stages of their lives. These fluctuations may be normal or abnormal and may affect the development of a young woman’s secondary sexual characteristics, menstrual cycling and associated disorders, pregnancy and infertility issues, cardiovascular and bone health, and perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms. Saliva hormone testing is easy to do and is often the first step in diagnosing and better understanding the cause of a variety of women’s health problems. Saliva testing is a simple and noninvasive method of measuring female hormones that offers advantages over traditional blood testing as a female hormone imbalance test.

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