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Sensing success

Spanish company Advanced Wave Sensors (AWSensors) is playing a key role in the pan-European Horizon 2020 LiqBiopSens and Catch-U-DNA projects to develop a new liquid biopsy platform for the early detection of colorectal and lung cancers. An important part of this process was the creation of a liquid handling platform incorporating an acoustic wave sensor array and microfluidic technology for the analysis of biomarkers in blood.

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Extended flexibility of Cavro® Omni Robot

Tecan has introduced two extra options for the Cavro Omni Robot; the Dual Z and the ADP (Air Displacement Pipettor).

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Made-to-measure robotics

LCTech GmbH has a long association with Tecan Systems, and has been using its Tecan Cavro® components for many years. The Company’s latest sample preparation workstation, the FREESTYLE, uses a Cavro Omni Robot and Cavro XLP Pump to provide automated preparation of foods, feeds and environmental samples.

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Cavro® Air Displacement Pipettor provides the key to automated sonochemical synthesis of nanoparticles

Go2 Technologies, a specialized engineering solutions provider, has used Tecan’s Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor to develop a novel automated method for labor-intensive sonochemical synthesis procedures.

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Injecting new life into environmental science

Picarro is using Cavro® Centris Pumps as part of an innovative atmospheric water vapor isotope analyzer. Designed for fully automated operation in remote locations, these highly sensitive instruments provide environmental scientists with valuable data to help understand the shifting global climate.

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Relying on automation – new applications for circular dichroism

Applied Photophysics has created a new protein discovery solution, incorporating Tecan's Cavro® Omni Robot to automate sample preparation for its Chirascan™-plus CD Spectrometer. This newly created system combines Tecan's precise and reliablesample handling with measurement reproducibility, opening up a wide range of circular dichroism applications for the first time.

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Automated microfluidic technology – from macro to micro

IntegenX designs, manufactures and markets automated systems for reliable microsample preparation and analysis, and has chosen the Tecan CavroR Mini Sample Processor (MSP) to automate its microfluidic technology.

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Oceanographic research to predict global climate change

The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) is involved in a wide range of basic marine-related research, including observation and projection of the earth's environment, inner earth dynamics research and study of marine life in extreme environments.

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LabAutomation 2009

Tecan enjoyed another successful exhibition at the ALA's LabAutomation conference in January 2009 in Palm Springs, California.

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Complete compliance with Tecan components

The Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive 2002/95/EC came into effect on July 1st 2006, banning new electrical and electronic equipment containing more than acceptable levels of hazardous materials from being placed on the EU market. This directive has had a major impact on the entire electronics industry and, here at Tecan, we tackled the issue head on!

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High performance ion channel screening

npi electronic has revolutionized automated drug screening with the launch of the ScreeningTool, an automated system for screening of voltage- or ligand-gated ion channels in Xenopus oocytes, with millisecond resolution and high speed voltage clamping. The innovative instrument depends on a Tecan OEM liquid handling system for automated drug delivery, integrated with a miniature chamber design and unique amplifier to provide unprecedented speed, reproducibility and efficiency for high quality drug screening applications.

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