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Generating success in regenerative biology

Stem cells offer the potential to revolutionize the treatment of many currently incurable conditions, as well as providing invaluable research tools to further our understanding of biological processes. Since stem cell pioneer Dr James Thomson derived the first human embryonic stem cell line in 1998, this has grown into a whole new field of biology. Dr Thomson and his team at the Morgridge Institute for Research are still at the forefront of this research, using their vast knowledge and experience to develop novel therapeutic approaches and tackle many of the unanswered questions in developmental biology.

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Traditional Chinese medicine for the 21st century

Recent viral outbreaks have alerted the world to the serious consequences of viral disease, yet the development of new antiviral drugs is challenging because of problems such as resistance or lack of molecular targets. Researchers at Zhejiang University’s College of Pharmaceutical Sciences are seeking to identify new antiviral drugs by combining insights from traditional Chinese medicine with modern high throughput technologies to discover novel lead compounds.

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