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Selected issue: 1/2013

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Automated screening for recessive disorders elevates sensitivity to new heights

Carrier screening based on next generation DNA sequencing has been completely automated at Good Start Genetics® Inc., with proprietary chemistry and customized protocols on six Freedom EVO® platforms giving significantly better turnaround times and increased reliability and reproducibility.

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Investigating protein targets and cellular pathways in yeasts

Scientists at the Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research have chosen generations of Tecan microplate readers to monitor the effects of environmental or drug perturbation on molecularly barcoded yeasts.

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Undergraduate studies enter a whole new world

Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO multimode microplate readers are helping McMaster University to introduce chemical biology undergraduates to some of the most advanced techniques routinely used in today’s laboratories.

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Rewriting the proteomics handbook

A suite of Tecan’s microarray products is ensuring that researchers at the Biodesign Institute in Arizona, USA, forge ahead with a range of functional proteomics projects looking at early biomarkers for several diseases.

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Feeding the SRMAtlas project

A Freedom EVO® 150 workstation is being used to great effect by the proteomics group at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), Seattle, to generate samples for analysis by mass spectrometry, including for the world-renowned Selected Reaction Monitoring Atlas (SRMAtlas) project. The system is equipped with a variety of modules to meet the requirements of a range of different projects, and provides the reproducibility and throughput to enable these studies to be runentirely in house

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Too gracious a host

Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal infection caused by Legionella pneumophila has recently been in the headlines due to a number of serious outbreaks around the world. Scientists at the University of Toronto are using Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO and Gas Control Module to study host-pathogen interactions for Legionella bacteria.

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More than skin deep

Symrise is using an HP D300 Digital Dispenser to improve throughput and reproducibility in its cell and molecular biology laboratories, offering more reproducible results for cosmetic active ingredient testing.

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Made-to-measure robotics

LCTech GmbH has a long association with Tecan Systems, and has been using its Tecan Cavro® components for many years. The Company’s latest sample preparation workstation, the FREESTYLE, uses a Cavro Omni Robot and Cavro XLP Pump to provide automated preparation of foods, feeds and environmental samples.

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Developing a proteomic fingerprint for pancreatic cancer

Scientists at the German Cancer Research Center are using an HS 4800™ Pro microarray hybridization station and a PowerScanner™ to investigate pancreatic cancers. By combining these automated solutions with in-house developed antibody microarrays, the Center is able to study pancreatic cancer at a protein level, helping to better understand the basic biology of the disease and develop new screening strategies for early detection.

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Speeding up drug discovery

Production of dose-response plates and cherry-picking are essential steps in early drug discovery to enable testing of many thousands of compounds. Researchers at Novartis are benefitting from the automated plate generation capabilities of two customized systems based on Freedom EVO® 200 platforms, each equipped with an MCA 384, significantly increasing sample throughput to over 10,000 compounds a day.

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Baked to perfection

Puratos is using a Freedom EVO® 200 workstation to aid the development of novel enzymes for use in the baking industry. By automating enzyme screening and characterization, the Company is able to increase throughput and productivity, as well as improving quality control testing.

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A watchful eye on biosecurity

The Infinite® F500 is BioSentinel’s reader of choice for its high sensitivity botulinum neurotoxin assays. Intended for government laboratory and pharmaceutical screening applications, BioSentinel now recommends the Infinite F500 to all its customers, thanks to the reader’s combination of advanced features and competitive pricing.

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Introducing David Martyr

Just a few weeks into his new role, Tecan Group CEO Dr David Martyr took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about his previous roles and experience, and look ahead to a challenging and exciting future with Tecan.

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Historic Boston plays host to the fifth Tecan Symposium

Mass spectrometry (MS) experts gathered in the historic city of Boston for the fifth annual Tecan Symposium, exploring how this technology is becoming a critical tool for a wide variety of applications.

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First Air LiHa modules shipped to customers

Tecan is pleased to announce that the first Air LiHa air displacement pipetting arms have left Tecan’s production facility in Männedorf.

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AlphaScreen® option launched for Infinite F200 PRO multimode reader

The newly developed AlphaScreen module for the popular Infinite F200 PRO multimode reader has been designed to provide customers with a cost-effective solution for AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA® assays

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Talk to us @ SLAS2013

Tecan innovation is everywhere, from state-of-the-art pharmaceutical development facilities to the smallest academic laboratories. As we see it, our job is to simplify yours, so visit Tecan on booth #701 at SLAS2013 to see how our comprehensive range of laboratory automation, detection and OEM liquid handling solutions could benefit your laboratory.

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