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Selected category: Proteomics

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Opening The Door To Single-cell Proteomics

The quantification of unique proteins within biological samples has traditionally required thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of cells, with no way to identify cellular heterogeneity within the populations. To overcome this issue, researchers at Brigham Young University have been evaluating the potential of single-cell dispensing to allow proteomic analysis of individual cells.

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Bringing precision omics to life

The potential of ‘omics’ to further our understanding of cell biology and disease progression has been discussed for over 30 years, but these technologies have so far failed to translate to a healthcare setting. One of the major challenges has been the lack of reproducible results, making it difficult to distinguish between true discoveries and experimental artifacts. ProtiFi was founded to overcome these challenges: to solve the bottlenecks around sampling, sample preparation and data interpretation in order to accelerate the deployment of omics technologies in real-world clinical applications.

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Positive pressure proteomics

Proteomics studies using mass spectrometry have an important role to play in understanding tumor cell biology and the impact of novel therapeutics. Sample clean-up prior to analysis is an essential part of these workflows, and researchers at Pfizer are performing this on a positive pressure workstation to save time and enhance reproducibility.

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A more powerful approach to biomarker

SomaLogic is using its unique proteomics technology – the SOMAscan® assay – to help identify new biomarkers for a wide range of disease states. Capable of simultaneously measuring thousands of proteins in low volume biological samples, this technique is ideal for the detection of low abundance proteins, perfectly complementing existing technologies for basic science, biomarker discovery and pharmaceutical research.

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Feeding the SRMAtlas project

A Freedom EVO® 150 workstation is being used to great effect by the proteomics group at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), Seattle, to generate samples for analysis by mass spectrometry, including for the world-renowned Selected Reaction Monitoring Atlas (SRMAtlas) project. The system is equipped with a variety of modules to meet the requirements of a range of different projects, and provides the reproducibility and throughput to enable these studies to be runentirely in house

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Crystal clear results

The Protein Expression Purification Crystallization Core at Case Western Reserve University is designed to perform high throughput crystallization trials, taking advantage of the automation capabilities of Tecan’s CrysScreen™ software and Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform to optimize crystallization parameters.

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Automation greatly speeds up protein production for X-ray diffraction experiments

ACEMBL is the first fully automatable pipeline for the production of multi-protein complexes, developed by researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) on the Freedom EVO® platform from Tecan.

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Automated protein purification for efficient vaccine development

Biochemists at the Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Research Center in Siena, Italy, are processing vaccine candidates by automated purification of recombinant proteins form huge numbers of bacterial lysates on a Freedom EVO® platform, saving a lot of their time without compromising reproducibility, consistency or quality.

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