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Selected issue: 1/2014

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Discovering more with less

Global biopharma company UCB has increased the throughput of its antibody purification pipeline, using a flexible Freedom EVO® workstation to miniaturize its chromatography applications. As a result, the Company is able to investigate far more parameters in a fraction of the time, while consuming significantly less material.

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Cyanobacteria see the light

Scientists at Berlin’s Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau have established a screening platform for phototrophic organisms on a Freedom EVO® 200 liquid handling platform equipped with an Infinite® M200 PRO microplate reader

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Automating clinical cytogenetics

The Necker Hospital for Sick Children has automated its comparative genomic hybridization workflow on a Freedom EVO® workstation, increasing throughput more than 10-fold while significantly improving reproducibility and process security.

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Reliability diagnosing cattle diseases

A Freedom EVO® 150 workstation is providing the Central Diagnostic Laboratory at SAC Consulting with reproducible and reliable ELISA-based screening for Johne’s disease and other bacterial and viral pathogens in cattle. The system has increased the laboratory’s throughput by three-fold compared to manual processing, to an average of 1,000 samples a day.

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Pooling resources

Novartis has a long history of working with Tecan’s Partnering Business for the development of automated workstations for blood banking applications.

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High thoughput nanoliter pipetting with the MCA 384

Scientists working in the Screening Unit at the Institute for Molecular Pharmacology in Germany are finding the low volume pipetting capability of the MultiChannel Arm™ 384 beneficial for the investigation of siRNAs and small molecule compound screening.

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Deciphering the epigenetic code

GUK-based Oxford BioDynamics has automated its proprietary biomarker discovery platform, EpiSwitch™, on a Freedom EVO® 150, helping to establish a NGS, CGH-array and PCR-based pipeline for the discovery of novel biomarkers, as well as a PCR protocol for biomarker-based diagnostic testing.

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Bespoke forensics

Two Freedom EVO® platforms are speeding up processing of DNA evidence at the Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory, improving efficiency and helping staff to eliminate a six month backlog of cases since coming online.

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Integrated nanoliter dispensing aids drug discovery

Scientists in the ADME Screening, Enzymology and Automation Group at Roche, Switzerland, have successfully integrated a mosquito® nanoliter liquid handling instrument with a Freedom EVO® platform, enabling accurate, precise pipetting at very low volumes.

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Sample preparation: the heart of NGS

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is using a Freedom EVO® platform to automate sample handling and library preparation for next generation sequencing.

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Customizing automated colony picking

Laboratory automation and LIMS specialist Mejoran Lab Automation has developed acustomized method for automated fungal colony picking on a Freedom EVO® 150 platform with an integrated SciRobotics Pickolo™ colony-picker.

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Speed and reliability for drug titrations

GlaxoSmithKline’s quest for improved anti-malarial treatments has been revolutionized by the speed and reliability of the HP D300 Digital Dispenser. This innovative system has increased throughput for standard drug titrations and enabled combinations of candidate compounds to be tested much more easily.

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Faster and more reliable screening for cystic fibrosis mutations

Alkor Bio has developed a rapid and accurate microarray-based diagnostic assay for cystic fibrosis using Tecan’s HS 400™ Pro Hybridization Station and PowerScanner™, allowing one technician to screen 10 patients for 25 cystic fibrosis mutations in under seven hours.

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Automation paves the way for faster vaccine development

Charybdis Vaccines in Italy has automated phage display/deep sequencing techniques on a Freedom EVO® platform, resulting in faster identification of bacterial antigens and protective antibodies. This system is helping to drive the development of new vaccines against pathogens of major worldwide concern.

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Monitoring the quality of beer a unique collaboration

Tecan has collaborated with HLFS Ursprung and the Stiegl brewery to optimize the HybriScan™D Beer method for the quality control of micro-organisms affecting the taste of beer on an Infinite® M200 PRO multimode reader.

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Extended flexibility of Cavro® Omni Robot

Tecan has introduced two extra options for the Cavro Omni Robot; the Dual Z and the ADP (Air Displacement Pipettor).

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AC Extraction Plate™ - a unique sample preparation tool for LC-MS

The recently launched AC Extraction Plate –based on Tecan’s proprietary TICE™ (Tecan Immobilized Coating Extraction) technology – is a convenient, automation-friendly solution designed to streamline sample preparation for LC-MS analysis of small molecules.

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Tecan Academy to be available worldwide

Tecan’s online training tool, the Tecan Academy, will be launched globally in 2014, offering basic training and certification fornew operators.

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Software updates enhance flexibility of HP D300

The latest software updates for the HP D300 Digital Dispenser ensure even greater versatility for drug discovery applications.

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Nested disposable tips now available for Liquid Handling Arms

The demand for ever-increasing throughput means that many laboratories are looking for solutions to increase the throughput of their automated systems.

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New TouchTools™ PCR Wizard aids automated PCR set-up

Tecan has launched the TouchTools PCR Wizard, an easy-to-use Freedom EVOware® add-on offering straightforward automation of PCR reaction set-up on Freedom EVO® platforms.

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