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Tecan Journal

Selected issue: 2/2006

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Analyzing cholinesterase in organophosphate poisoning

The German army automates the determination of AChE activity in whole blood

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Building a world-class compound

The fully integrated drug discovery and development company Amphora, based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park in the USA, has chosen REMP automated storage and retrieval systems to take control of ist compound library.

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The importance of high throughput SNP genotyping for complex disease research in Spain

The technique of SNP analysis has become more widely used over the last four to five years because the high density maps it provides make it easier to locate small but potentially significant changes in the genome.

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Production of a genome-wide RNA interference library for functional gene characterization in cultured human cells

RNA interference (RNAi) is a mechanism that gives researchers the ability to investigate gene function quickly and efficiently by specifically silencing the expression of the individual gene in question.

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Unlimited throughput with Tecan and Illumina’s combined technologies creates a powerful new toolset for understanding the genetics of complex disease

Illumina, a San Diego (CA)-based company, has integrated Tecan liquid handling workstations into its revolutionary, endto- end solutions for large-scale genotyping applications. The collaboration has been crucial for the development of a number of products, including Illumina’s production-scale BeadLab systems, which were deployed by major investigators world wide as part of the International HapMap Project and, more recently, Illumina’s bench-top BeadStation.

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Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Standardization and regulatory compliance are of critical importance for Tecan and its customers so, over the last few years, we have concentrated on implementing the newest ISO standards - ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 - into all of our manufacturing sites; in Switzerland, Austria, Tecan SCC in Mainz, Germany, and in Tecan Systems in California.

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Customer Support at your service

Craig Williamson is the Director of Customer support for Tecan US, and has held the position since 1999. He is responsible for Expertline, the helpdesk and the entire service organization for North, Central and South America.

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Software focus: four new packages from Tecan that unite to integrate your data

At Tecan we realize that communication between your instruments is key, so we have released a range of new software packages that enhance connectivity, for simple integration of your plate readers with Tecan’s Freedom EVO® workstations and seamless combination of your data. The four new software packages are Freedom EVOware® Sample Tracking, Freedom EVOware 1.2, i-control™ and Magellan™ 6.0.

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