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Tecan Journal

Selected issue: 2/2013

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Label-free technology benefits drug discovery

High throughput screening for drug discovery depends on reliable liquid handling, like that provided by Tecan’s Freedom EVO® platform. Chicago-based company SAMDI Tech has automated its proprietary label-free SAMDI technology on a Freedom EVO system for performing rapid and quantitative analysis of challenging biochemical targets.

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Fighting the battle against infectious diseases

The specific detection of pathogens has a crucial role to play in ensuring control of infectious diseases. Scientists at F Cubed have developed a novel molecular analyzer – the NESDEP IU Molecular Diagnostic System – which relies on Tecan’s Cavro® Smart Valve and Cavro Centris Pump to offer straightforward identification of pathogens in a matter of minutes.

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A framework for success

Freiburg-based Oncotest GmbH specializes in preclinical pharmacological contract research, and has successfully automated 3D cell culture on a Freedom EVO® workstation using polystyrene-based Alvetex® Scaffold 96-well plates from Reinnervate.

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Adding depth to drug discovery

Tecan and TAP Biosystems have created an automated 3D cell culture screening platform by automating TAP’s RAFT™ cell culture technology on the Freedom EVO® workstation. This system uses in vivo-like concentrations of collagen matrix to ensure cell growth and proliferation in an environment closely resembling native tissue, with the added reliability and throughput of automated liquid handling.

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Gravity-defying drug discovery

Tecan and InSphero have developed a novel solution for analyzing 3D cell cultures based on the Infinite® M200 PRO and InSphero’s 3D InSight™ microtissue technology. This solution is designed to facilitate the use of 3D cell culture formats in drug screening applications, helping to reduce the cost of early phase drug development.

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On the outlook for veterinary disease

The Russian Federal Center for Animal Health is using a suite of Tecan workstations to automate various aspects of its ELISA- and PCR-based diagnostic testing operations, as well as the manufacture of a range of diagnostic ELISA kits. With eight Freedom EVO® platforms, plus a number of readers, washers and microarray instruments, the Center relies on Tecan automated solutions to help guarantee the quality and reliability of its work.

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Holding the right CARDs

Rheonix Inc has integrated Tecan’s Cavro® Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) into its EncompassMDx™ molecular diagnostics workstation, providing complete automation of sample processing and analysis using Rheonix’s CARD® molecular diagnostic technology.

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Perfect growth conditions for research

A newly established research group in the Division of Microbiology at the University of Salzburg has chosen an Infinite® M200 PRO microplate reader for monitoring cell growth of microaerophilic bacteria in its work to investigate the pathogen Helicobacter pylori.

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The Tecan-Fudan University Demo lab opens in Shanghai

Tecan and Fudan University in Shanghai have joined forces to open a demonstration laboratory in the University’s School of Pharmacy. The laboratory was opened in October 2012, at a ceremony attended by dignitaries, fellow scientists and colleagues from the Shanghai area.

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New Biophysics Austria award for young investigators

The Hansgeorg Schindler Young Investigator Award is a new award designed to promote collaboration between the Austrian biophysics community and leading academic centers around the world.

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